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FFS! New Mina & Super Halloween Bargain!!!

Don’t I make a super cute ginger??? I only wish I was as brave in RL because I would dye my hair this glorious colour.

As you can tell from the name Josef is a male hair but the reality is a lot of the mens hairs at Mina’s are beautiful on both genders and since she now has a pretty large mens hair  department if you’re a girl then you really need to check out the mens hairs as well.  Obviously you can choose the colour pack of your choice from pale blondes to the darkest of blacks and at this event Josef is at a discounted price of 199Lds for the normal shades.

Ooo I have to say though I’ve just checked the note which comes with your hair purchase and of course the picture inc is of a male AV and if you think Josef looks good on me you should see it on a male AV!


Doesn’t it look like that horse is “mad eyeing” me?

Normally I would have waited for the Kustom 9 event to calm down to let you know about the new hair and of course I would be able to grab the freebies that are there BUT I did a post not long ago and I mentioned the blood drenched Mina hair, I’ll pop the picture down below,  Mina has now set this hair out at Kustom 9 for ONLY 9Lindens!! so if you were tempted to get this hair but were short on Lindens it’s now at such a cheap price anyone can afford it.


The “FFS” in the title is because I’ve burnt my finger on my straighteners and I can’t TP back into Kustom 9! Give it a day or so to calm down, check out the new Mina hair, grab the bargains and as I’ve said I’m pretty sure there are some really good Freebies waiting to be snagged.


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