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2nd of 3 and FREE.


I had fun with this photo.  Kudos to Lisanna Lauria the owner of MoDANNA for such a quick response.  I had been trying to grab this Free to join group gift but an SL glitch had happened and the group giver had set itself to a different group.  Not only was she so quick to respond to my note but she popped this beauty into my invent box.  So If you’ve been over to MoDANNA  and couldn’t grab it’s time to pop back over and if you haven’t got it yet GO!

In a Halloween spirit I made the skirt and the raven look matt black but although this Balloon dress is very black it still has the folds and shading that stand out as being a quality item and not a cheap freebie.  What I’m not going to show you as well is the underskirt which is a very dark red/burgundy.  You need undies with this balloon skirt.  Have to say just really pleased with this dress and I’m keeping it and then I had a mooch around her shop.  For some reason I always pictured MoDANNA’s as being a high fashioned, gowny type of shop but I’ve mistaken it with another shop.  Lots of leather and lace in all it’s forms.  Sexy and also soft at the same time.  Then I spotted a whole wall of shelves with old GG’s! They’re now priced at 10Lds each and if they’re the same quality as this months GG’s then they’re worth it and more.  I’m heading back to grab myself some of them.  They’re in the main entrance on the wall to your left.


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