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Shock, Horror I Spent LINDENS! (and grabbed a FREEBIE at the same time).

It takes a lot to make me spend my Lindens and yesterday 2 shops made me to just that.  The first was !gO but I’m not showing you the skirt I picked up from there but I’m hoping to show that off in my next post. Till then check out my new Woolies!


I popped over to FAC (FA Creations) to pick up the new free group gift but as soon as I saw these new sweaters I got stopped in my tracks.  As it happens there is also an AV right next to the new item wearing this jumper  modelling it and everything about the quality struck me in the face, a unique look amazing texturing, realistic folds in the shape and on and on.


I even deliberately wore one of my long Mina hairs just to show you that you don’t have to wear it just with short hair.  Add to all of this a price tag of just 99Lds and that’s NOT just for the 1 shade but a colour changing Hud with 4 shades!  Also although I ended up picking the darker earthier colours there is also a more pastel pallet and a patterned option to choose from.  Each colour pack is only 99Lds.  Of course Demos available for you to try.


This is the Freebie from FAC and it’s a great gift.  The fact that the skirt and jumper comes as separates is always much appreciated.

Special mention, I notice that Danny Bourne has a new build up on his sim and so I decided to just pop in and check it out and spent so much time wandering around the amazing builds.  The designs are so varied and so complete I can’t really describe them so I’m going to give you the LM and let you see some amazing SL homes.  When you get to the LM just grab the Hud and you can TP to every build and again trust me even as a hardened SL home owner I stand there whimpering because although not cheap they’re worth every Linden but my biggest problem is I wouldn’t know which home to buy and sadly for such quality you need a healthy prim balance but I can still wander around them and dream.

UPDATE because I couldn’t resist it and it was right there.  As I was LM grabbing for Rebourne I noticed that the new build, The Lakehouse, is right outside of the glass cube you rezz in so a quick cam and a quick snap in the sim setting just to give you a taste of what to expect.


FAC (FA Creations).