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FML (Freebies).

I wonder how many of you will understand what the “FML” is? It stands for “F*ck my life” and I’ll put the link at the end of the site where you can not only read about how others days have gone completely T*Ts up and maybe like me add your own “FML” comment.

So instead of raiding the fridge I came inworld and took some piccies.


Rebel Hope sent out a message for a new Gift set out for everyone and not just group members.  When you rezz turn around and it’s right there on the board just waiting for you to buy it for 0Lds.


Ooodles of colour packs and then more FML because SL crashed on me!  It’s been several months since SL crashed on me so once I’ve gotten some work done I’m going to spend the rest of the day in bed with a pile of books, Pinterest, kitties and munchies and I’m going to wait for the bad karma to pass.

And that’s it, shortest post evar!

Rebel Hope Designs

FML website, I promise you it’s hysterical.