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Quiet time

cello saskia

I don’t get an awful lot of quiet time in SL, I’m usually dashing about snapping photos or , of course, flitting from one event to another . Today was a real treat I had a spare hour or so and managed to do what makes my heart smile – sit and play my cello. I’ve had this particular cello for some years , its by Sakisa – it was very inexpensive but the sound quality of the music is astonishingly clear and beautiful. Sakisa has moved to a much smaller location these days, and sadly no longer sells the sheet music I used to buy for my piano, BUT the cello and a few other assorted instruments are there for sale. I picked up a really cool harmonica for just 30L, animated and plays a tune ! My music stand was a great find, just 2 prims by EP & Co, at only $30L you’d be forgiven for thinking its pretty cheaply made – not so ! It’s totally beautiful and unique. Take a look around the sim while you’re there – its amazing, lots of things to do and a fantastic are to take some happy snaps.


EP & Co music stand