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Spooky! (cheapies & freebies)

Haunted House Halloween Freebie !

I blogged this last year, and its still good to go this year ! One of your $L dollars will secure it – made by Linus Humphreys and updated in 2013. You actually get two versions of this splendidly sppoky build, the one above plus a winter style. The door creaks, theres a few bits of grungy decor inside, its just perfect as an Autumn/Halloween spot. You do get the landscaping in the box, but it isnt hard linked , which makes it optional.

$10L sweater & mesh fit jeans

I also snapped this outfit up for October from TBT, gotta have something with pumpkins on right? This is so cute, rolled up shirt sleeves underneath and the orange sweater on top, just $10L . The jeans are a really good find, they were part of another TBT outfit I also purchased for $10L. They are “fitmesh” and really do fit brilliantly over my Slink Physique mesh body!

TBT market place

Abandoned cottage dollarbie

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Halloween made easy

Aphrodite Halloween NEW!

We are almost into October and Aphrodite have this MASSIVE set out that will make your Halloween party a roaring success ! Seriously there wont be anything you need to buy after you get this, food, balloons,tables laden with food , and my favourite thing everrrrrrrr , the piñata witch ! Heres a few details:

♥ Three different ballon arches (11, 10, 10 LI)

♥ Big bundle of different spooky ballons (10 LI)

♥ Balloon trio, small (1 LI)

♥ Balloons wall (7 LI)

♥ 3D Happy Halloween Party Sign (3 LI)

♥ Animated Halloween Piñata “Witch” (7 LI)

♥ Black Witch Deco (1 LI)

♥ Spooky Tentacles Buffet table (3 LI each)

♥ Halloween Pumpkin (2 LI)

♥ Halloween Chandelier ( 4 LI)

♥ “The Tentacle” red wine bottle (1 LI), gives unlimited wine glasses

♥ “The Tentacle” deco cups ( 2 LI)

♥ Carrot Cakes platter(3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Angry Cupcakes platter (13 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Deviled Eyeballs platter (4 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Pitta pizza platter ( 2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Green Witch finger cookies stand ( 7 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Ghost Cookies platter (3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Spider Bread platter (5 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

Aphrodite Pinyata NEW

Tadaaa, yes yes its me whacking the evil witch piñata. Just 7Li and comes with built in poses – awesome fun. More info about the set below:

♥ Black Cat Cookies platter (4 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Cookies platter (3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Jack o Lantern Sweet potatoes platter (2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Puff Pasty Intestines platter ( 2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Sodas dispenser (7 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Pizza platter ( 3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Monster Cookies platter (4 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Pumpkin Pie Cookies platter (6 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Hotdogs tray (2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Banana Ghosts Display (6 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

Aphrodite NEW!!!

I really couldn’t get everything into the photos, if you’ve got a place to decorate and need to fill it up – this is for you.

Aphrodite Halloween NEW!!

Creepy witch head offering a selection of dodgy looking titbits, whats not to love?! Dont those black burgers look a treat. It’s all out to take a gander at, there’s much more than I’ve shown here.

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

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Old Rose – Bargain outfit

$20L outfit (sold as separates)

After browsing the Biflex market place store I came across two more little gems. At just $10L per item you might think they would be great “cheapos”, but they aren’t ! I bought the “Perla” skirt and “Perla” cardigan and didn’t really expect much. After I wore them I was dead chuffed with my little bargains. I am wearing them over my Slink Physique mesh body, great fit no hassles – result! Both are a delicate old rosey pink tone – which I simply adore. Noticed a few more deals in the store so take a look.

Biflex market place store

Truth hair Ximena

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Too much fun and a whole load of bargain bin stuff.

I logged back into the SLMarketplace for a bit of rummaging and I was shocked to come across The Sea Hole!  A lot of SL old timers will recognise this name as it was a BIG shop in SL but the owner decided to shut down many, MANY years ago but before she did she slashed the prices and people went bat shit crazy.  You could not move for people clicking away like mad.  This stuff was so nice I STILL have a couple of pieces in my invent.

There is a total of 246 items priced between 1-10Lds and 280 between 11Ld and 100Ld so many things so I basically loaded 10 items into my basket paid for them and logged out.

This home cost me only a single Linden and it’s packed with unique character.


A completely retro tailor.  Although I’m showing paid for items I’m going to picture edit because just like the items I picked up it’s fun to do LOL but you can see the actual colours for everything on the Marketplace pictures.


It’s a big and oversized build but that’s in keeping with its character.


It has an open plan, bedroom, livingroom and kitchen.  As far as I can tell the only pose in it is a simple lounging one on the bed.  This is primmy, sorry I can’t remember the exact count but it was just under the 140 mark.  But as I said this is a unique build, I know that a lot of people like to make their SL homes like perfect reality but then there are those who like to be a bit out there and this is it.  If I found this house in SL I would click on it to find out who made it because it’s refreshing to come across something with a bit more “oomph” to it.

The outfit is another one of Drinkinstein Sorbet’s creation.  If I remember correctly The Sea Hole closed it’s doors not long after mesh appeared on the scene but it’s non mesh and sculpted clothes still stand the test of time and again if you’re not a Mesh Head then this is a great place to get some new clothes and again since everything is so cheap, this dress cost 15Lds, you can really splurge.  Plenty of colour choices as well.

Check out my second home.


Again another big and primmy home and again I’ve forgotten the prim count but I think …OH I’ve checked and it’s 223 but for all of those prims you get a big house fully furnished and with the same “oomph” as the first home but this one called “Fall Comfort House” is warm and woody, I’ve not put many of the pictures in this post but like the first house some really nice touches such as the hanging bed.  Primmy for sure but definitely designed for those who like to stand out.


I ran out of space in my basket for a top so I just used one of mine but the skirts is a Sea Hole one which means even though that texturing is as smooth as a babies bum this is a prim skirt.


So many things in this Marketplace shop from clothes to full builds and little itty bits and although there are some items at 50Lds most seem to be priced between 1-30Lds.

The Sea Hole Marketplace Only

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Pug Life

Pug Skirt & Top - Truth hair NEW - pose by Kirin

I was looking for some Autumn clothing and came across “Biflex” on the market place – no inworld store sorry! I fell in love with this outfit, its sold as separates, so you can decide whether you want both – or not. Both items are mesh, and although I could easily wear the skirt with my Slink Physique mesh body, the top posed more of a problem. If you look at their market place store, this style of outfit has been made in heapssss of colours and pattern . If pugs don’t appeal to you (omg why not!) then some of the other designs might. Reasonably priced at $160L for the skirt and just $60L for the top.

Biflex market place store

Pose by Kirin

Hair by Truth



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Its Tres Chic alright

Aphrodite Tres Chic NEW!

Aphrodite have all sorts of gorgeousness out for sale at the latest round of Tres Chic, so if you haven’t been yet – go ! Above is the “Magic Fall” friends set. It’s just purrrfect for taking a well-earned tea break inside or out. Love love love that I don’t have to look in my inventory for the wearables, just pick your pose and they magically ask permission et voilà – in your hand.

Aphrodite for Tres Chic

There are two sets, one for couples and another for friends, great idea. The chairs are so beautifully ornate, little flourishes of Autumnal flowers and leaves are woven around the metalwork – lovely touch. You also get the sweet tea-tray, the huge Fall cake and a lovely little candle to create the ambience .

Aphrodite Tres Chic (this is to the demo area so you can test it out)

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In the raw, (Dollarbies).

You will have to Marketplace shop to get these Dollarbies and if you’ve not tried it before then this is the time to do it.  I don’t know if it’s owned or just affiliated with Linden Labs but don’t panic when you have to register with your SL name and SL password because it’s a 100% safe and since the Marketplace is packed with so many goodies (and some seriously funny cr*p) it means that on those days you can’t SL you can still SHOP.

OK this style of dress is now a pretty standard SL style but a classic is still a classic and this colouring is so nice and green and red/ginger in this case should always been seen, that’s a play on the old saying “red and green should never be seen” meaning that these 2 colours should never be worn together which I think is a lie.  The dress is the Dollarbie from the SL marketplace shop called No Cabide.


This picture is 100% untouched I even made sure I removed my facelight which even though it is the softest I’ve ever found I just wanted to show you an example of the orange/ginger hair from Mina.  This one is the one shade you get in an essentials pack but if you chose to get one of the packs of reds you get a total of 5 red/ginger shades.  I only wish I was as brave to go this colour in RL as I personally think red heads are stunning.  I also took this picture on the Mina sim so if you want a place which is lovely and Autumnal with lots of tree’s and some mist to either take pictures or simply a place to loiter then when you get to the shop just walk outside.

Now for another Dollarbie.


I do think I’ve blogged this top before or at least a very similar one but at 1 Linden it was worth grabbing again.  Comes with a colour changing Hud so you have a choice of 5 shades and 1 pattern.

PS don’t panic if the link tells you you have to log in as this has some adult content.  Not sure what the “adult” stuff is but you can only see the top and not the dress until you log into the Marketplace.

No Cabide