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London Calling. Hunt items.

In RL we’re having an Indian Summer here which is so much better than the real Summer we had so as soon as I click “Publish” I’m off out.  But then I can’t think of a nicer way to kill time by mooching around Loordes of London and snagging all the hunt items out and of course checking out for any new designs as well.

This coat is one of the hunt items, I will give a list at the end, and it’s shop quality perfect with a great fit and texturing.


Loordes of London is a shop you must slap the Sub board and this way you will get regular updates on all of the special events and discounts that Loordes of London do regularly and that way you can pick yourself up some smashing bargains and know when the hunts are on.


Now for the hair and sorry this isn’t a hunt item.  I have shown you this hair before but I’ve been waiting for the Autumn to start so I can do a repost as this is such a good hair.  Called Alex and you will find it in the mens hair section of Minas but this one, like many of Mina’s hair is not only Unisexed but comes with the male and female version.  As far as I can tell the only difference is that the male version is bigger for their “big heeds” as we say in Newcastle. You get a lot in this hair pack because you not only get a hair and beanie colour changing Hud but you can also wear as much or as little of the hair as you wish.  4 options, hair at the nape and fringe, fringe only, nape hair only or no hair at all and just the beanie.

Back to loordes of London and more hunt items.  TBH very poorly hidden which is a boon for me because I usually struggle to find anything lol.  I’ll put the details about which item is in which hunt and how much they do or do not cost at the end of this post.


For those of you who are going to enjoy Summer all year round then pink jean and shoes are just right for that season bou could of course wear them with a jumper over the top or in my case that great Freebie from my previous post.


A bit of a close up, I actually spotted these shoes in the shop at full price so to get them as a prize was a bonus.

The coat is the Shaun the Sheep Hunt Prize and cost only 2Lds.

The jeans are the Summer Strawberry Hunt Prize and cost only 2Lds.

The shoes are the Womenstuff Hunt Prize and cost 0Lds.

There is another hunt item here which I’ve only spotted now I’ve come inworld to LM grab and it’s the Emeshed Into Fall Hunt item, you’re looking for a little metal pumpkin shaped candle holder, and the prize in that looks like boots.  Cost 0Lds as well.  Going to look forward to unpacking them later.

Here is a big hint for you, stay in the courtyard and then once you’ve found the poorly hidden prizes have a walk around and see if you can be tempted by some of the great clothes and accessories here.

Loordes of London

Mina Mainshop

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