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In the raw, (Dollarbies).

You will have to Marketplace shop to get these Dollarbies and if you’ve not tried it before then this is the time to do it.  I don’t know if it’s owned or just affiliated with Linden Labs but don’t panic when you have to register with your SL name and SL password because it’s a 100% safe and since the Marketplace is packed with so many goodies (and some seriously funny cr*p) it means that on those days you can’t SL you can still SHOP.

OK this style of dress is now a pretty standard SL style but a classic is still a classic and this colouring is so nice and green and red/ginger in this case should always been seen, that’s a play on the old saying “red and green should never be seen” meaning that these 2 colours should never be worn together which I think is a lie.  The dress is the Dollarbie from the SL marketplace shop called No Cabide.


This picture is 100% untouched I even made sure I removed my facelight which even though it is the softest I’ve ever found I just wanted to show you an example of the orange/ginger hair from Mina.  This one is the one shade you get in an essentials pack but if you chose to get one of the packs of reds you get a total of 5 red/ginger shades.  I only wish I was as brave to go this colour in RL as I personally think red heads are stunning.  I also took this picture on the Mina sim so if you want a place which is lovely and Autumnal with lots of tree’s and some mist to either take pictures or simply a place to loiter then when you get to the shop just walk outside.

Now for another Dollarbie.


I do think I’ve blogged this top before or at least a very similar one but at 1 Linden it was worth grabbing again.  Comes with a colour changing Hud so you have a choice of 5 shades and 1 pattern.

PS don’t panic if the link tells you you have to log in as this has some adult content.  Not sure what the “adult” stuff is but you can only see the top and not the dress until you log into the Marketplace.

No Cabide