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I spy NEW Mina hair.

Get ready to see plenty of pictures taken in my newhouse  over the next few months which although is still unfinished it’s almost complete and that includes the peeping Tom in the background.

The hair I’m wearing is a NEW Mina and it comes from the Shiny Shabby event with I have to confess that I’ve missed the last 2 of these events which isn’t so bad as I usually come away having spent too many Lindens on too much I don’t need but the temptation of a New Mina hair always gets me back there.

Today I’m going to show you just this one but I have another one lined up which is JUST LIKE MY RL HAIR!


Loving my new home even though I’ve not had the time to finish it off as yet but it makes it so much easier to be able to use my own home as a background.

This hair, Elsa, is so “Pinterest” and you will see why in the next picture but from the front this hair has a little bit of height to it with a big swept back fringe, or bangs as the Americans call it, but lots of softening tendrils but when you turn around this is the Pinterest bit.


That big fat curl on the back of your head is something that there are many examples of how to on Pinterest and YouTube but this is a style I never managed to achieve.  It was only when I turned around that I noticed my “peeping Tom” LOL.  As standard with Mina Hair you get the 2 options, Materials and No Materials which basically means one is for those who’s settings are at the higher end because their graphics card can handle it and the No Materials is for those who have a less effective graphics card.  Personally I can’t see any difference but maybe thats because I have a good graphics card TBH I knit, embroider and cook, I don’t do teccie stuff but I think it means this hair will look great which ever SL settings your computer is set to.  You of course get the now standard 5 pack of colours in an easy to use Hud.  I still remember once having a fat pack hundreds of the same hair but in all the shades possibly because Huds had not been invented and as far as I remember Mina hair was the first hair I bought which came with this amazing “teccie” thing LOL.

A demo is available and just as good the LM does take you right to the Mina shop but if it’s nice and quiet have a wander as I’ve not checked it out as yet but there is usually some freebies in the center of the shopping sim.

PS just in case Faith can ready this, you broke a golden rule! If it ain’t broke don’t change it MMMWWWAAAHHH LOL.

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