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Got To Go Back (Freebies).

OH Lord what an SL morning, too much “Borking” going on for me but I managed to get to a special event for Moda called “Moda Free SL 1st Anniversary Event” and that means LOADS of FREEBIES!  Almost every display has a freebie or dollarbie and I grabbed them ALL but I still have to go back because the full priced items are actually really reasonably priced.  I had picked up a couple of demos to try on (a strappy top and floaty skirt) and they’re so good, so handy and so cheap I have to go back and pick them up for myself.

But now for the Free stuff.


This bright and quirky outfit is not to everyone’s taste but I thought it was cute with a paler skin and more outlandish hair a Kawaii little look.


This simple black and white dress fitted like a glove.  Comes with SLink Med basic black shoes as well so a good full outfit.


This outfit is a one piece.  Although the 2 last outfits are black and white this isn’t a colour theme of this event.

OK I basically ended up with a whole folder full of stuff from here and I’m only showing you the few that I managed to unpack.  TBH I think most of it will end up in my trash folder but then I do have an invent which is embarrassingly stuffed so I just don’t need to hold onto things but one thing is sure,  I was pretty impressed with the variety of Appliers that came with a lot of outfits and of course the socks and tattoos that are there so I may not have a use for them but I highly recommend you pop over.

PS You’re going to have to be an adult to get onto this sim.

Moda Free SL 1ST Anniversary Event