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Odds n Sods.

Spotted this event in a note so decided to pop over just to have a look and although there wasn’t much to tempt me there are some quirky Japanese items, Lucky Boards and a food stall that has some Freebies and they of course are what I grabbed.


First one was a definite Oooo because you can rezz it all or just break it down into the 3 pieces, ie plate of food, newspaper and the stove with the pan are the only linked thing but even better is that you also get the single burner in the pack as well.


If I remember correctly this is linked item.


Although I’m not a fish lover I actually love kippers, this one is an unlinked set.


Now for the fun, each item comes with a throwable object, the Herring, a lid off the first item and even funnier a Kipper! I’m not using the throwing pose that comes with them because I couldn’t get a picture but they’re just as quirky and daft I only wish Faith was inworld and I would have had fun Kippering her LOL.

OK I have no idea of what this event is called but at least I have the LM!