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24 Event and a limited edition set !

CIRCA 24 Event NEW

Oh la la if you want a limited edition set for your home, look no further. Circa has the “”Epiphany Sun” collection, just 150 copies of this will be sold. Its really a nifty set that wont go out of fashion a sits ever so classic.

Heres the deets: This set comes with a settee seat including 44 female sits, 16 male, and 18 sync’d couple animation sets for a total of 96 positions.  The couple’s sits range from sits, lays, reading, chatting, cuddles, to kisses.  The settee has 10 fabric colour combinations & 5 wood tones.  The side table comes with 5 matching wood tones and branch vase attached.  Lastly, included are 4 hanging lanterns. 

I have to say the textures are totally lush, perfect for Fall. I love the side table, the wood looks warm and of course it has texture change too ! Thanks Cherelle ❤

Circa 24 Event