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Smelly pig no wonder it’s a Freebie!

I took a break from cleaning out my notes and setting up my new home and popped over to HJM Designs because it’s involved in “The Totally Wrong Hunt”and I wanted this Smelly Pig lamp.


Although I’m not showing you his face it’s rather cheeky and he’s chomping on a big fat cigar.  If you click the lamp it turns off and on and if you make the mistake of clicking the pig this is what happens.


Yup he farts! Nasty noxious green clouds belch around you, pretty funny.

Now for something not so funny but a lovely Freebie from ….


Now I will admit that 10 prims might be a bit much if you’re on a limited prim count but this makes a pretty good centre piece or in this case set out at my, soon to be deleted, doorway.  To pick this up where you rezz just turn a little to your right and you will see a display of new livingroom set and you will also spot the Pumpkin Freebie there.  Trust me it’s easy to find but hard to spot that it’s a Freebie.

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