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Preview, Freebie & New Ever More.

As soon as I got it into my mind that it’s time to change the welcome area we have set out for visitors to our sim I couldn’t help myself and within half an hour I’d packed up the pool and loungers etc and I’m well on my way to making what is hopefully a warm, wintry and welcoming area for our visitors…..Faith look away because it’s not finished yet!


Thats me waving my magic wand, as I was rummaging through my invent for lights I came across a whole load of stuff from More Than Never and so I thought I would multitask and show you this  dress at the same time.


The dress is called Thorn Dress/Ferocious Spiked Dress which is because of those sharp-looking spikes and that thick chain strap turn a lovely knitted textured dress into something “fierce” LOL but do NOT buy it or any of the other colours from Ever More’s mainshop as they’re on special offer@The Designer Showcase event.  In her main shop they’re 200Lds at this event 150Lds but the copper colour version is only 75Lds so a lovely price for all pockets.  There is also a new September gift set out in her mainshop and a different one set out at the Designer Event.

While I was there at the Designer Showcase checking it out I noticed that next door in the small AnaMarkova shop there is also a giftie waiting for you.  You will have to join the ….Free group to grab this one but I’ve had a quick run around this event, time was very short, and I’ve spotted other gifts out so if you have more time than I did it’s well worth a wander around as there are some great new designs and gifties.


This is what was in the gift box and I almost didn’t try it because the name suggested that this was going to be a summer outfit and I’m definitely into Autumnal mode here in SL and RL but as you can see it’s a beautiful golden-yellow colour and perfect for this season as well.

PS special mention to the skin, it’s the PumeC group skin which I blogged about a couple of posts ago but doesn’t it look so nice, I have added an eyeshadow layer but those very distinctive lips are with the skin.  This isn’t a Free group any more but the 199Ld joining fee is a mere token for all the regular Group Gifts that are put out.  So I’m popping the LM in and pop over to check out all of her skins because even at full priced with all the Appliers these are not only stunning skins but amazingly reasonably priced.

More Than Ever Mainshop

More Than Ever@Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase


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