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Fun in the dying sun. (Dollarbie)

Like Faith I adore Autumn, we both love it so much that even though in SL it can be Summer all the time we like to change our sim to match the seasons.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not loving this stunning and mild late Summer early Autumnal day and I’ve been relaxing with a new book and also some pottering to get the garden ready for the changing season.


I had popped in world just to grab any new notices and stumbled upon The Big Distraction Hunt which when you think about it worked as as soon as I spotted this dramatic Strawberry mesh dress I just had to pop over to the Cupcake shop to grab it and then of course spent more time taking snaps of it because what a BLAST it was.


What you’re looking for is a big Diamond which was very easy once I’d realised that the LM took me to the small discount shop and you need to walk outside to the bigger, but still small, mainshop and there it was.  As it happens I picked up a couple of very handy system layer t-shirts from the discount shop for just 10Lds because they’re handy to have.  So if the LM takes you to a small shop then check out the discounts but then walk outside to the big un!

I’ve not done any more of this hunt but I’m going to check it out later because even if you’re not keen on what is shown for the prizes often you find in hunts shops that you’ve never been to or haven’t visited for a while and that’s the case with this hunt.  I can see from the list some new names I don’t know so although you’re not tempted by the prize for that shop you never know what else you may find there so always worth a visit.

Cupcake Clothing

The Big Distraction Hunt Site&Hints


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