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Absence of fear

Absence of Fear - complete outfit - jacket-shirt-applier jeans & boots

New bundle of gorgeous from Beautiful Dirty Rich is out, complete outfit with a HUD to personalise your look. Called “Absence of fear” , you get applier jeans, a mesh jacket with tee attached and an option to leave the shirt off, plus the sweet bootees! Great lookin outfit that I totally adore. Whole lot for just $100L for a limited time.


The HUD is super cool, love that you can really get a unique look with it. Pretty much every piece has texture of colour change ability. Also while you’re there, two new group gifts out of jeans, group is free to join (well it was last time I looked !)

BDR Store

BDR market place

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Have a drink on me

Aphrodite - Daenerys drinks tray- Insipired on Game of Thrones

For any of you that love Game of Thrones, check out this new  Daenerys drinks tray from Aphrodite. Its inspired by the TV series and is a winner for any fans of the show. It dispenses a goblet of wine upon touch and comes in at a very nice 6Li. I’ve set mine out on my dining table but it would be fabulous on a sideboard or bar area too.

FREE bag in various colours ! Dollarbie Oriental inspired mesh dress - with Lola appliers

If you’re wondering about the pretty frock I’m wearing, it’s a dollarbie from the market place. The summer Oriental dress by Naka is truly a lovely item, browns and teal and golds make up the colour palette , simple but sweet (also included are Lola tango appliers – does anyone wear those now?!). My shoulder bag is a free gift form the Tres Chic event, it’s located by the free to join group board and you get a variety of colours.

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Tres Chic event

Naka dress 

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Oh Tres Chic !

Chez Moi - Tres Chic

A new round of Tres Chic has begun and there are soooo many lush things to buy ! Chez Moi are there with this glorious Beachfront Bench. It would totally work in most location but lends itself really well to a sandy spot in the sun. Its got scrummy prints on the cushions and towels, watermelons abound ! Heres the low down:

♥ Room for 1-4 avatars
♥ 40 single poses – 10 animations each spot
♥ props: guitar, juice, magazine, book, bubble cup, grapes, sunblock lotion and more

♥ 20 animations for couple in love

♥ Texture-change options: 6 colours to choose by menu controlled.

♥ 19 LI | 27 Prims | Mesh – Low Land Impact.

Chez Moi NEW! Beachfront Benches

Youre really spoilt for choice with the poses – something for everyone – singles & couples plus props etc. There is a demo area for furniture at this event which I’ve helpfully listed below. Makes it easier to try out without getting caught up in the hurly burly of the actual event – and wow its busy there! Thanks Nanda ❤

Tres Chic main event

Tres Chic demo area

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Get fruity(Freebies).

I always try to take shots of shoes which aren’t a basic foot shot but I’m just never happy with the results and I always end up dragging out a pose cube and just KISSING it (Keeping it simple stupid).XXShoescinnie

I’ve had this particular pair on for the past 2 days.  These come from G Field and are their Summer Gift to us.  As it happens you get this pair for SLink Med feet but also a similar fruity pair for SL Flat feet.

Then I started to do the Summer Strawberry Hunt and it’s so easy! it must be because the bright little strawberries stand out so much so that in such a relatively short time I’ve managed to snag an awful lot of them.  They do cost 2Lds for each strawberry but that’s a tiny price.  This is a “Kawaii” style hunt so basically what I’ve managed to unpack is cutsie and sweet which isn’t to everyone’s taste but what this hunt also does is take you to some shops you’ve not seen before or it’s been a long time since you’ve visited.

Thats how I found these Free GG shoes when I visited the Supernatural shop which is also involved in the Summer Strawberry Hunt, there are other Free to join GG’s there but it was definately the shoes which grabbed me.


So although these 2 items aren’t actually in the Strawberry hunt if you check out the link not only do you have the LMs and Hints but click on the picture slider and a lot if not all of the gifts you can find for only 2Lds are there for you to check out.

G Field


Summer Strawberry Hunt Hints and LMs

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Free Falling into another week (freebies)


FREE mesh jumpsuit

Insomnia is a wonderful thing, there I was all snuggled up feeling sleepy – then boom – WIDE AWAKE ! I’ve got an early start so figured  I’d only oversleep, so got up and logged on. Soooo what to do what to do, I fancied a little hunting. I found myself first port of call at FashionNatic, thought I was going to have to get my huntin goggles on but oh no – there was the gift right on the counter. This sweet jumpsuit is the prize in the “Around the grid 3” hunt, each prize is $1. As I was stood there, I spotted more hunt prizes, so snapped those up also.

FREE Dress

One of the boxes contained this little frilly frock, very cute!

FREE mesh pencil dress

Another was this pencil slim clingy dress with cross motif.

FREE mesh jumpsuit!

Another jumpsuit but in black with a lilac coloured top – more evening wear than the first. Grand total of $4L spent ! I’m off to watch some lolcats on Youtube and probably fall asleep and wake in a blind panic


Around the grid 3 hunt blog

All hair by Argrace

Free skin “Ale” by Lara Hurley (group gift, free to join)

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Faking it (Freebies).

The sun that is not the Freebies.


I’m so glad I took a wander around AnaLee (analee.balut) big shop, ALB Fashion, because although I had spotted a Group Gift which I had earmarked to return to at a later time but I then stumbled on even more Freebies on a different wall.  This simple one pieces is one of them, just a great fit and texturing.


You would think that the 2 completely different textures of the top and bottom wouldn’t match but I absolutely love this cute little outfit.  You can see the white and red tassels hanging down from the shorts and I’m kicking myself that I forgot to take a picture from behind as it’s as cute from that angle as the first. I also forgot to take a picture of the simple SLink Flat sandals that come with this outfit.

The shop they come from is packed to the rafters with such colourful outfits, I actually got side tracked visiting this shop as there seems to be as much going on outside on the sim as inside and couldn’t resist taking the donkey ride around and then I had to log off.

I’m hoping the LM takes you direct to the Freebies but have a good wander around as I think there are a lot of areas set out for people to come and linger.

ALB Fashions


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Fancy Pants.

OH Lord I’ve burned my hand but fortunately the pain killers have started to kick in and I am finally able to show you this.

As much as I love to show off the Freebies sometimes you have to spend a few Lindens and to make me spend my Lindens it must be something really worth it and that’s my exact thought when I tried on this “Fancy Pants” outfit from Entice.


How gorgeous is this whole look.  Comes as a one piece but the addition of a Hud which allows you 3 texture options for the jacket, shirt and shorts means you can chop and change.


Going to confuse you now.  You will find this discounted item under the 55Lds Thursday sign, turn to your right and go in that way, but in fact it cost me 100Lds however the full priced options are 300Lds so this is a definite bargain.  There was another discounted pack which had more glittery/disco textures which sounds awful but I loved that one as much as this and it was a struggle which to get. The demos for all of the colour packs are there and you do have to pay a Linden for it but it gets paid right back to you.

Special mention to the hair and skin because in my previous post I only mentioned them in passing.  The hair is one I’ve previously blogged but it’s now available at the latest round of Kustom9 but in the whole colour colour palette range inc Ombres.  While you’re waiting for that event to calm down then this skin is one of the old Lara Hurley Group Gifts which I mentioned and this one does come with the Appliers.  Again I adored the New Free to Join GG’s skin and if you do have a few Lindens then 150 to buy the Applier Pack is not unreasonable at all.

OOKKAAYY pain killers have definitely kicked in so I think I’m having an attack of the munchies!


Lara Hurley