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All I touch turns to pink (Free item)

Free mesh dress !

Zan kept  on telling me about the ALB store, so I eventually found time to head over and scope the place out. Be prepared because it’s a huge place that’s got lots of genres spread around. Youre going to have to hot foot around and find this dress, as I can’t seem to give you a direct landmark – BUT – that’s cool because as you wander about, you’re sure to find many wearable demos and gifts to nab ! Wearable demos really means what it says on the tin, its yours to keep. I really liked this little pink dress, its richly embroidered and fits nicely over the standard Avatar shape. I did try it with my SLink Physique mesh body but couldn’t find a way to use it. Go and have a mooch !

ALB Dream Fashion

Hair : Magika “thoughtful”