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Back it up! and lovely Freebies.

First the preaching, without boring you with the Nerdy details my computer had a “major system failure” which is exactly what I had when I thought about all the photos, documents and music I had lost!  Suffice to say my equally Nerdy Hubby managed to bring this “thing” from work and he did this that and another and WOO HOO normality has resumed.  TBH even he was completely non plussed as to why and what happened although he has a suspicion it was a software conflict between Windows 10 and the AVG PC Tune Up which I had just purchased and was in fact installing when my comp died.

What I really want to do is POKE you to get your carp backed up! Don’t put it off any more.  Whatever you use as a back up for keeping your important stuff safe then do it now because not everyone has a Nerd at home and without his expertise I would have ended up binning my computer and getting a new one.

So my posts have been a bit thin on the ground because of my enforced MIA but I’m back and yes I have backed up everything I consider to be irreplaceable.

A quick freebie to cheer you up.


At first I wasn’t that keen on these shoes because even though they’re SLink shoes that stylised look is so reminiscent of how shoes used to look in SL and to us old timers it’s a look we don’t want to go back to but then I checked out the heels.


Very bright and distinctive shoes and of course Free, you will have to join the group to grab.