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More Allure(ing) and More Freeness.

So I popped over to Allure to LM grab but couldn’t resist one last wander around the shop and thats when I found out that almost everything in this shop comes with a FREE Group Gift and I couldn’t help but click click click.  Lucky for you lot RL work is calling me so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.


Good honest basic Mesh shorts, you cannot have enough of them.  I was almost disappointed when I spotted the Group Gift was the purple shade, my least fav colour but these do not disappoint!


And a long mans shirt, again another SL staple and tbh in my case a RL one LOL.

I picked up more shoes, can never have enough, and another strappy basic top but time is against me I’ve even given FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) a miss this morning just to get these posted before I have to return to work.

I must mention the silver bikini top I’m wearing as well, the packs seem to come with extra system layered bikinis and they’re gooood! Again I’ve not had a real chance to check everything out but if the previous outfits in my last post don’t make you TP over there then these beauties will.

PS you may also have noticed that I have the same hair and skin on for the last few posts, yes this is a bit because of time limitations but common! How good does the PumeC skin and Mina hair look with every outfit and every look?  Sometimes quality can’t be bettered and this is why I blog these 2 shops.  I will later on put the Link to their shops because for just 99Ld you can join the PumeC group and grab so many skins with ALL the Appliers and of course Mina Nakamura often has discounted hair out at special events but even so this hair, Selenia, which is one of my FAV hairs I do believe was a Gacha win!  I will have to double-check but honestly both Mina and PumeC at full priced offer incredible skins and hairs at most reasonable and fair prices.