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Ejected! (Post Update).

LOL how many of you TPed over to snag the Colour Me Project gift and got their sorry SL Asses ejected?  I did and I think Faith did as well LOL!  Sorry it turns out that that was the last day of that particular round of the event.  I tried to keep up to date with things but sometimes I get overwhelmed with the notes, notices and group messages so I missed this one.

So I popped over to Zoom, the shop that donated the shoes as the Colour Me Project Giftie and sadly although there are Group Gifts to be grabbed not only aren’t those shoes inc but you have to pay to join the group (199ld).  There are 7 GG’s for you if you do join and 2 MM boards to slap as well.  If you really would like the shoes I showed you, I’ll put the link at the bottom, then they are upstairs but again full priced.

The lights came from IOC (Icons of style) and I did pay for them so I toddled off to the IOC mainshop and Damnit it’s a prop n pose shop which is my Achillies Heel! Like all people who take pictures for fun and blogging I know the value of damned good poses but I just don’t need any more.  Did that stop me from time-wasting and pose hopping like mad? Of course not LOL.  So I happily wasted some RL and SL time pulling poses but before I logged off I managed not to find the exact lights I showed you but maybe even better ones!

LAZY picture but I had really run out of time and I actually still haven’t made my mind up which item to buy.


Those stringed lights in front of me are only 1 prim a string! You can see on the wall the different shaped packs you can buy.  The square on the floor next to me is a “virtual pond” it has an animated water effect to make it look like a pond and last item on the floor is very similar to what I bought but much finer smattering of little pin point lights and again low primmed.  All 3 items if I remember correctly were well under a 100Lds so I might when I get back inworld buy them ALL! Fantastic low primmed home decor items.

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