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Lazy Hazy


Just in time for all that beach and summer lounging, Chez Moi have the “Luau Duo” set out for sale. Such a stylish set but also whimsical and pretty. The canopy will protect you from any midday glare and provide a shady spot to relax in. Two piles of juicy coloured pillows for you to sit upon, alone or as a couple. This set comes in a PG or Adult version ($799 or $520). Attached are some pretty shrubs, a rug and supporting poles for the tent.

Chez Moi - NEW!

As well as relaxing you can also dine ! Huge selection of hot dishes, plus some scrummy desserts – also Sushi. Some poses give out objects to wear – look out for them! I haven’t tried the adult poses, but Id imagine they are the usual high standard that we’ve come to expect from this designer. Thanks Nanda ❤

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