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Colour me Gold (Freebie).

TBH I have no idea of when the latest round of the “Colour Me Project” will be finished so if you want these strappy towering heels it might be a good idea to rush rather than saunter over.


You’ll find them just where you rezz and you will have to join the Group but the invite is right next to the shoes.


From the same event but not free, you will find these lights on the IOS Decor stall.   90Lds and you get a pack of different sizes, sorry not had the time to unpack and check the rest but this first size turned out to be perfect in this narrow long space.  The top picture was taken in my Nams setting and this bottom one in a standard SL midnight setting so you can see the glow.  Going to be dropping these all over my home because each one is only a single prim and copyable and I do believe editable.

PS As I was LM grabbing I picked up another Gift from one of the stalls, it looks like gold make up, so if you have more time than me you might just find a few more freebies scattered around.

Colour Me Project

4 thoughts on “Colour me Gold (Freebie).”

  1. i didn’t run fast enough pouts. I tried to track down IOS myself with no luck. Would you happen to have the lm to their store. Crossing fingers maybe the lights are there. ty ty for the help


  2. Damm ! I wanted to pick those lights up too *sniff* – lets hope Zan has a LM or something.


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