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Free Cuddles (freebies).

Nooooo nooooo just noooo it’s not fair as this lovely GG from the latest round of the Cosmopolitan Event has only cuddles in it! As a SL singleton I had to be all sad and lonely and try out the poses on my own and they look sooooo good.  Nice, smooth subtle movements but this is only a guess as I didn’t have anyone to cuddle (my choice LOL).


The throw and pillows and all attached and although you can’t see it there are nice feet and this is a lovely size for 2 people to cuddle on.

The other Group Gift from the Cosmopolitan Event is this plant.


I plonked this right down in front of my door and took the picture in my Nams setting so you can see the quality.  Absolutely divine and not only free but 3 prims.

If you don’t know what the Cosmopolitan Event is it’s a large but well laid out shopping sim and every Tuesday a lot of the shops have a special offer on, I wasn’t tempted this week but it’s great for bargains, and in the main shop are stalls set up with a whole mix of clothes, hair, decor items.  It’s inside the main shop you need to go to grab the free goodies but make sure to check out the shops outside.

The Cosmopolitan Event and Shopping Town

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All Wet (Free n Dollarbie).

This is the dream…


…this is the reality…


The lovely white outfit is a Freebie from Brii Underground Wear, you simply join the group and grab.  It also comes with SLink High Shoes and those great glasses.  Sorry the hat isn’t included as it sure makes this a stunning complete look.  I will be honest and say I wasn’t keen on the shoes but the long loose pant legs cover them up and in any case you of course you can wear your own.  It also has one of those rounded butts which again is not my personal fav but the backless top and stark whiteness create such a great cool look.

Oops it looks like I’ve missed out a couple of items, the back of this outfit is strappy and it also has a mesh bow which is a real nice touch, you also get bracelets and a tattoo make up layer.  I plead tiredness and a laggy computer for forgetting to put them on LOL.

The second outfit comes from the Marketplace and is a Dollabie.


This is what I’m looking forward to this afternoon but even as I type I can see out of the window and I will be lucky if I managed to get to the post office and back without drowning, in fact I’ve not even bothered to wash my hair and as for putting make up on! Pointless as I will look like a drowned rat in any case.

OK moaning over…for now.

PS there does seem to be a hunt going on at the moment at Brii but I didn’t really check it out  you certainly may want to as I believe a lot of the Brii Underground Wear items come as clothes packs.

Brii Underground Wear

Sea Free Dollarbie (Marketplace).

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We are blessed.

I logged in this morning intending on just grabbing any notices and checking out the Lazy Sunday offers when I spotted that Ever Wonder had sent me this.

OK a bit more waffling before I show you what I got, in the UK we have the NHS which means FREE health care for those who need it.  So when you’re at your lowest the last thing you have to think about is a stonking great big bill at the end of your treatment.  This isn’t the case for a long time SL resident and designer called Lexi Zelin, only 28 years old and a Mum of a little girl and now has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma! TBH I can’t really read much more because I think I would end up crying.

I’ve put the link to the website with all the info on why a MASSIVE amount of amazing and well knows SL designers/shop owners have come forward to set out items of some of them clearly market that 100% of the proceeds will go towards Lexi and knowing how BIG medical bills can be if you can find it in your heart and wallet there is also a Gofundme page.  All the details are in the link I will put at the end.

So finally this is what Ever Wonder sent to me, her shop is called More Than Never and I always thought she’s managed to get a great name “Ever Wonder” because you do don’t you.

pompoms use

As soon as I put the skirt/top on I thought it looked a bit sporty and it also gave me the excuse to use my Pom Poms which send me into a frantic Cheerleader dance LOL.  As it happens I also knew that I have a pair of Low Tops From Ever Wonders shop and at 50Lds a try, a Gacha win, and they’re non SLink they look perfect.  I’ll put the link to her shop as well because she also always has GGs and Sub gifts out for Free, I’ve LM grabbed and that lovely strawberry pink Summer dress is still there waiting to be snagged.


The top says it all.  It maybe cold and grey outside but we need to remember what we should be more grateful for, our health, the love of good people and a safe and warm home.

Again follow the link and even if you don’t want to read Lexi’s story check out that list of stalls which have been set up! You may have to wait a little while to get in because as you can imagine people are lining up to see whats there but I know I’ll be TPing in as soon as I can.

OH! and I bet you’re just grateful I’m not being completely British and moaning about the weather…which is cold and raining.

The Lexi Project Blogg

The Lexi Project

More Than Never

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Shiny Disco Balls or in this case SHOES (Freebies).

Another quickie, I can you hear you sighing with relief LOL.


These shoes remind me so much of shoes before SLink Feet, they’re so tall and towering but don’t be fooled as they are SLink High shoes.

There was other GG’s waiting to be grabbed and I’d managed to try on the bikini and a rather nice top but time constraints  have meant I’ve come back out of SL.

Femme Couture

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Hippy Chick (Freebie).

It’s all go today, work and play means my SL time is seriously limited but I’d picked this little beauty up yesterday and although in my haste this morning I managed to delete all my pictures I managed to recover one of them and my sanity.


I can do Granny Squares which is one of my saddest and yet proudest achievements but would I ever make a RL coat out of them, Hell No but then again check this out!

You actually get more than just this long crocheted coat in the same pack because you also get the jeans and as soon as I spotted the SLink Flat Sandals amongst the other Group Gifts at Gaall’s I snagged them.  Sorry no close up of them but they’re excellent.

If you have some Lindens to spare the Mina hair I’m wearing is perfect for this look.  I don’t wear this hair much as it’s just so hippy and not me but when you have the WHOLE look it rocks!

OK folks I have to rush, RL is calling my name.  Have fun and remember it’s FLF and although I don’t know whats on offer I’ve got some Lindens to spare and I’m looking forward to checking that out as soon as I can get back inworld.

PS the Group Gifts are in the room to your left.


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A mixed bag of spend some, save some, grab some.

This is a mixed bag post, a Freebie 2 Dollarbies and some SPEND SOME MONIES! LOL.

OK first the spending.


I’ve taken this in my Sims Nam setting so you can see exactly the texturing because it’s just so good.  A lovely old tatty tin bird house which I’ve shoved into the rafters of my garage but I only wish it was copyable as at a single prim I would love to have a load of these hanging from my tree branches.  I picked this pumpkin tin but there are other options available and each is 75 Lds.

From the same shop I also picked up this.


Again a single prim but again sadly non copy.  I have a potted plant addiction in SL and RL and so this feeds it perfectly.  Cost 49Lds.

To find these plants and other garden items you have to walk into the main Luxus shop and turn to the right and that takes you outside to the garden section.

Now for some Marketplace Dollarbies.


Honestly the more I gawk at these the more I’m sure I’ve shown you them before so if that’s the case, sorry, but never mind they’re just so handy to have.  SLink Hight Feet needed and of course a single Linden.


By the time I’d worked through all of the carp I’d managed to get from the Marketplace when I came across these I had lost all hope so yet again if you have seen these before sorry, but if not very nice and fun heels and these are Freebies but you will need SLink High Feet.

Last one and I know 100% for sure I’ve not posted these before.


Even if I had a top to show you I’d still just use this close up because at a distance these look like cute Kawaii shorts but it’s only when you get a close up view can you see those cute faces are not so cute LOL.  Other shorts on offer from the Marketplace and they’re a really good fit/texturing.  The picture on the MP is for 3 shorts but the Linden buys you this single pair but if you like the looks of the other 2 pairs they’re just 10Lds each.


Bella Shoes Marketplace (Chinese style)

VaVaVoom Shoes Marketplace (Polka Dot ones)

Dark Side Shorts Marketplace