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I’m NOT going! (New Mina Hair & Freebies).

I think by now most Gacha Addicts will know that the count down has started for the latest Gacha Garden Event and I’m not going! (yeah ok I probably will cave in because I’m weak in the face of temptation).  Fortunately for me Mina Nakamura sent me “Yenna”.


Although I know that Gacha’s are usually set at pretty damned good prices AND Mina Nakamura is extra sweet in that you don’t win just the 1 colour but a colour pack so for example if you win brown you get 5 shades of brown.  Now this so far is all guess-work because I won’t even try to get into this event for a week or so because once the sim is open, tomorrow so don’t go today, it’s going to be packed solid.

I have to say that I wanted to show you the hair, and this Free Jewelry, au naturel but I can just see that flowers attached to the base of the bun or a tiara will look stunning with this hair.  As for the Jewels I quickly snagged them off the Lazuri Marketplace shop.  I do know that in her main shop she has 2 sets of Freebies out, 1 set is only for group members and this is 250Lds to join but for that you get a massive amount of full jewelry sets and each come with a comprehensive texture changing hud and the other sets are Free For All.  I’d also recommend that you pop upstairs for the Discount section.  I’m not into jewelry much and blinging it up isn’t my style but there is some stunning pieces up there and for decent prices.


Sorry if I’ve shown you this dress before but since I was over at GizzA Creations grabbing a new GG I thought I’d snag this one as well.  Simply gorgeous.


Now this I certainly don’t remember showing you.  From GizzA again.  The Free GG’s are actually outside the shop so if the LM doesn’t take you right to them once you’ve had a look around the shop walk outside and there is a whole load of Freebies for men and woman.  Not all of the items are mesh so for those who chose not to wear mesh for whatever reason there is plenty there for you and of course sometimes non mesh still has the same sort of quality when it comes from a shop willing to spend time and money on textures.

As for the sim I’m stood on STUNNING! I’m using the sim’s windlight settings only and I’ve just snapped off 2 quick pics to show you some more.


No editing and no camera tricks.  If you want to try your hand at taking pictures this is the perfect place to do it as not only is it lit to perfection but there are plenty of props set out for you to use.


Even if you don’t want to take pictures there is plenty of places for you to hang out as well, a little beached area and the lighthouse where you will see some brilliant dolphins.

Damn now I’ve had a wander around there are shops here.  Small little subtle shops but some well known names here and of course I’ve found what looks like a Gacha resale yard so I’ve quickly logged out to save my pennies.

Mina@The Gacha Garden

Mina Inworld

Lazuri Marketplace

Lazuri Inworld

GizzA Creations Marketplace

GizzA Creations Inworld

Sa-Na-Rae (Stunning Sim)