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Cheap Fun.

As I was following the links to track down the Washing Line from my previous post I came across a shopping sim which I haven’t visited for a while and so had a great time this morning just mooching around.  This is a sim of pure randomness packed with the good, the bad and the downright ugly and it’s fun to see what you can find……such as this lot.


There is a couple of LB wins in there but you can also just buy them and since everything only costs 4Lds you can spend freely and you might be surprised at some of the items.

film rela

I bought this daft Dango hat just for fun as I adore Mochi and Dango is very similar.


These stringed Daikon Radish are keepers.  The hut I rezzed everything in is also one of the items I bought and it has a lit area which has bleached them out a bit but in SL they’re pretty darn realistic and again at 1 prim a lovely handy decor item.


A lovely linked tea set.  Not too sure what the gold bundles are but they’re separate from the tea set.


A close up of those twigs.  How pretty but on the Holly one I’m not sure what that funny thing is it looks a bit like a crumpled old moth.


So basically everything you see from the hut to the streamer in the back cost 4Lds each.  Each are also so low primmed 1-2prims only.  Lots more to see or different choices.  It good place to while away the time and spend a few Lindens for fun.

Shopping Sim