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2 & More Kisses (freebies).

Sometimes when I grab freebies I don’t grab them all so what I show you may just be an example of what is on offer and in this case I’m just showing you 2 of the freebies but there is much more inc SLink Shoes.


Gorgeous colours and I’ll be double checking but I’m sure that I spotted the same design but with other textures at slashed down prices but this is gorgeous.


I know that this is a standard designed outfit but check out the texturing and quality!

Now I’m at Blackrose LM grabbing I can see that where you land the mens shop is right in front of you and the ladies to the right.  This isn’t a big shopping area so when you TP in you will see exactly what I mean.  Before you go to the ladies check out the big board behind you as there is a MM and I do believe I’ve actually been sent that this morning.  Now I’ve rechecked the Freebies I can assure you that even if you don’t like what I’m showing you there are some really good quality Freebies here and if it wasn’t for my heaving invent I’d snag the lot.

I have to also suggest that once you’ve grabbed the GG’s don’t rush off to try them on, Backrose is full of some really lovely stuff and some clothes are actually discounted.  Bold bright summer outfit and I even saw a more Autumnal one that I was tempted to buy but out of the whole shop this was the only one without a demo!

PS The mens dept has some good-looking Freebies as well so I have a feeling Baylen will be sent in to try them out so if they’re as good as the ladies you will see them in the next post.

PPS Weather update, it’s finally stopped raining!


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