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Rebooting (Dollarbies).

I love how the techies call it “rebooting” when a simple “turn it off and then back on again” is really what they mean.  So at about my 6th “rebooting” I finally got reconnected to the internet and since my inworld time was limited I did some MP surfing and I can’t believe what I found….MORE skins and at a single Linden worth it.


OK I have major editing fun with this picture but this skin “St Valentin” comes with some serious contouring make up which lends itself to a very dramatic look. TBH as soon as I tried it on I knew exactly the dress, hair, pose and even where to go to take the shot.  This skin comes with only the 1 skin but all of these appliers, EVE, Nyam Nyam, Baby Bump, Wowmeh, Lolas and OMEGA.

However if you want a more natural skin check this out.skin2Comes with 4 Make Ups & Freckles (worn) & Clean Face  & Extra Make Up  & Alpha Lashes & 3 eyebrow shapers & Appliers for Wowmeh & Slink Physique & Slink Hands & Slink Feet & Lolas. Thats a LOT of “&”.

Remember though I’m wearing my own shape which is a Anna Shapes which seem to be only available on the Marketplace and all I wear nothing but Anna Shapes and just the 80Lds ones.

Although there is a link for an inworld shop I’ve not actually managed to find it so you will have to pick these up from the MP.

Zodiaco Marketplace

Anna Shapes Marketplace