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Time wasting. (Fishy Freebie).

I’m just trying to delay starting on my paperwork, I’ve got my pen, coffee, stapler, hand cream, Tipex, printer and I even have a cat snuggled up in a box on my desk and yet I’m still procrastinating! so I thought one last mooch through the SL Marketplace and I WILL get some RL work done.


Then when I found this fishy Mermaid/Merman Tail I just had to procrastinate more and pop inworld for a quick pic.  Because I’ve gone OTT with the editing the fish tail looks golden when in fact this it’s Sardine Silver, there is a really good image of it on the TSL Marketplace shop for you to check out for yourself.

OK Thats enough time-wasting and if I get cracking I might just be able to get all of this done and some time in the garden.  Have a great day everyone.

TSL (Marketplace Shop).