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WOW Factor and sadly not free :-(.

This isn’t a standard post as I’m not buying it but WOW did I have fun and the temptation to buy it is so hard to resist so I thought I would show it to you lot instead.

So I popped over to This Seasons Story, which seems to be very watery themed and in the rezz area I spotted this underwater AO and check this out.


It’s absolutely MESMERIZING! The movements are slow and elegant, like a silk scarf floating in the wind.  This isn’t an AO intended for a Mermaid it’s just for those who want to float their way through SL instead of walking.  You really must try this out for yourself and even if you don’t end up buying it like me, inserts a very sad face here, I bet you will watch yourself as you twist and turn in the air like a dream and maybe unlike me cave in and buy it.  I think the price is 680Lds but I could be wrong however it’s worth it if only I didn’t have tier fee’s and a serious Gacha addiction I would have snapped it up.

As soon as I click “publish” I’m going to rezz back at this event and I’m hoping that I can find some freebies but no promises.

This seasons story