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Old Curtains (Freeness).

KISSing it today (keeping it simple stupid) as I’m desperately hoping to get into my garden and flash the flesh to the sun, so simple outfit, simple pose, simple background and even a simple frame to the picture.


Although I picked this dress up from the Marketplace and I would have sworn this shop ….didn’t have an inworld shop I was surprised that there is an inworld shop so I’ll put the link for both places you can pick this up.

A simple dress with a lovely old texturing reminiscent of old curtains and zoom down to the shoes which have turned out to be a lovely added bonus.


SLink med feet needed for these lovely shoes.  You will find this on the counter in the inworld shop or of course you could go check out the Marketplace.

All taken in my “simple” nams setting LOL.


Encore Marketplace