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Time for tea. (Freebie & Dollarbie).

Can’t stand tea but I do use an oversized breakfast teacup to slurp my coffee from so although I’m not a tea drinker I’d love to have this pretty tea-tray.


To find this beauty you will have to do a little bit of a camming and scanning around the Sickly Sweet shop.  This tea-tray set is the Time for Tea Hunt Prize and it’s only a single Linden Woo Hoo and what you’re looking for is a little green tea leaf.


I’ve done this unedited close up so you can see the detail and check out that rose texture on the inside and how you can see through the tea texturing and even little bubbles on the surface.  If the rest of the hunt items are as good quality as this I’m off hunting today.


There is another hunt prize, the Around The Grid In 80 Days Hunt, and I found it and it’s another item of decor but I’ll leave that one as a surprised (which means I forgot to take a picture of it!) however if you’re lazy then you can buy this hunt item for 25Lds but actually I’d just go looking for it as if I can find it then so can you.

As for the Cactus that’s a Free to join GG from Sickly Sweet, only 2 prims and it comes with a Hud which allows you to change the colour of the flowers, so pretty and so low primmed.

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