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I’m a Cheap Quickie.

LOL How pervy does that title look but OMG it looks like we may have some actual Summer sunshine so I’m keeping this lovely hair wreath post quick and simple so I can get my pale and insipid behind outside and get some fresh air!

This is actually a Gacha win and only 10Lds a pop, more than happy with the colour choices and with the violet one I won.


OK What I’m not showing you is the Group Gift from Belle Epoque, if I remember correctly it is a Medival style gown, really nice and quality but definately one for the RPers in SL.

Special mention to the delivery box it comes in or in this case a little 2 prim plant in a pot.  I remember so well the time whatever you bought was sent to you in a prim cube but now sometimes the packaging is almost as good as the item inside.  So you get this lovely wreath for just 10Lds and the GG and still end up with 2 lovely and low primmed decor items.

Bakc again!, now that the sun has gone behind a cloud and there is a lot of them I’ve come back in and snapped a quick shot of the plant, tbh I also just wanted to double-check it was as good as I remembered it so I quick rezzed it on my platform in my Nams setting and Yup a real nice little pot plant for your home.


Belle Epoque