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More Shorts.

Sometimes when I’m pulling poses in a public place I wonder what people around me think I’m doing but I was at a shopping sim killing time working through my notes and also waiting to see if my initial comes up on one of the Lucky Food Stalls and I decided to pull a pose.  They’re quite a nice touch as instead of the usual lucky boards you have food stalls, 3 of them, and if your initial comes up you sit and find yourself serving food LOL.  As it happens when I went back to LM grab I won some SLink nails.relashorts

As I was waiting I cammed around and spotted a Gacha in the RibboN shop so I chanced 20Lds and won these shorts.


Definitely not as short as my previous short shorts! and as a Gacha item its pot luck on the colour but none of them were bad ones so I would have been happy to win any shade but they do come with a word of caution.  My AV is on the smaller size so I usually wear the XS,S or occasionally a M size but these are the L! So if you’re an average sized or a curvy lady then these shorts aren’t for you.

If the LM takes you inside the main Soul Shop then you will have to walk outside to find the small shopping mall with a variety of little shops and of course the Lucky Food Stalls. There is also a brilliant Gift in the Pinky Girls shop this is a free pastel mesh dress which tbh has been a freebie for so long not only I but every blogger has probably blogged it before BUT it is still a cute and quality item so if you’ve not seen it before it’s worth checking out.

Love Soul Shop and Shopping Sim