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Indulge me Freebie.

Moan moan moan, paperwork SUCKS so before I get a full-blown migraine I’ve shoved it all to one side to deal with later.

batThis is just a vanity shot as I was sat on my platform wondering how the hell I’ve managed to get about 200 notes and notices sent to me in a matter of a day!  So as I was working my way through them I just thought how pretty I looked (PumeC skin and Mina hair of course!) if only it was the same in RL!  So I took a snap.  As it happens the Bat wings and the fountain you can just about make out behind me are Freebies I picked up from ridi-ludi-fool shop/sim? I wasn’t going to blog them but then I thought what the heck and here they are lol.  When you rezz the freebies, there are more, are behind the rotating white screen thingi..once you get there you will see what I mean.

However if you have time to kill then this shop is on an interesting shopping sim which is a whole mess of shops and stalls and lots of ramshackledness.  The same can be said about the stuff for sale on this sim.  Lots of the Good, Bad and Ugly but if you have time to kill a good place to do it.

This is what I was planning on showing you.


I’m only wearing the same hair because well because it just looks so good and of course it’s a Mina.  I have gone edit crazy and flooded the picture in red but I knew as soon as I saw this Free dress from the Sneak Peek event it was going to be a good one.  There are 2 other free outfits waiting to be grabbed but yet again even though I TPed over to LM grab I forgot to check them out!

Although I’ve played with the editing this is a beautifully textured dress with red and golds etc.  Comes with inbuilt curves as well for extra Vavavoom!  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the Freebies then just turn to your right when you land and they’re there.  I’d recommend that if you’re after something new though to check out the rest of the shop.  Of course there is a lot of styles which are recognisable but there is some new fresh designs so for you fashion addicts with Lindens to spend well worth a check out.

ridi-ludi-fool (bat wings and shopping sim)

Sneak Peek

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