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All Done and now for Fun..or in this case a Freebie.

When I have a lot of work to do I make a “to do” list and work my way solidly through it and nooo goofing off and I only stop when I’ve crossed off the last thing on the list and I’ve crossed it off and now it means for me the WEEKEND STARTS IN 1,2,3, NOW.

And here is the

The Freebie.


A simple and seriously low primmed “small rustic bar” shelf. Great rustic texturing and check out the cloth on the top.  The fact that this is a normal sized but narrow piece means it’s going to be very handy in cramped areas and at only 1 prim! so low and so copyable.

frantic 2

There isn’t a lot in this shop at this moment but if you’re after a bunk bed with a chair underneath in the same sort of quality then this is the place to find it.


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