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Vanity Shot.

Sorry I wish this amazing hair was a Freebie but it’s not.  As a blogger and fashion addict I’m always after something which will add Oomph to my pictures and this very stylised retro hair has “it”.  It comes from EMO-tions and although the name is a very familiar one to me I don’t think I have many hairs from this shop, I’m just about to pop over to LM grab and I’m going to have another looksie

EMO-tions is a really big shop and yet I managed to find “Lorraine” straight away lol.  245lds for each colour pack which is a standard SL price.  As always if the LM doesn’t take you right to where this hair is then enter the shop in front of you and turn right….or left LOL.  I’ve had a bit of a wander around and I’ve spotted that there are 2 hair depts and each have the same hairs but fortunately this hair is on the first main board you see.


Special mention to my gut busting corset, it reminds me of one of those kinky Victorian ones that poor woman used to have to wear!  I picked this up from AMD (Apple May Designs) and only for the next few days it’s one of their 25Lds special offers.  The LM doesn’t take you directly to this item so when you rezz walk forward a bit and it’s the big entrance on your right.  This and other colour options, full priced ones as it’s only this red/burgundy one that is on offer, is in the room behind the reception desk.

(and of course it’s a PumeC skin).



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