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Daddy Issues! (Freebie).


I’m using the 2 pictures because I was enjoying myself too much fun dancing on this pool table.


The dress says “I’m Dad’s Favourite” I wish it was a “Sugar Daddy” because at this moment at Kathleen’s there are 2 dresses I would LOVE to buy but as a penny-pinching meanie with a tier fee and RL bills to pay I have to show some control (but I’ll be pushing Faith to go look at them).  Firstly this Free GG and a perfect outfit for the up and coming Fathers Day.  It comes from Kathleen’s and I remember blogging her shop when she was just starting out with her clothing range in SL and now her shop is much so much bigger and the quality is 100%.

As for the dresses I would love to show you if once you’ve grabbed the GG you turn to your right andthey’re there on the wall with all the other new clothes.  The “Frock Dress” is such a pretty and simple frilled dress until you turn around and flash shome bum cheeks or if thats too much cheekiness for you right next to it is a classic Vintage dress with excellent texturing and details and even though at 249 each perfectly well priced for such lovely clothing but I’m a cheap biatch with tier fee’s and RL bills LOL.


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