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Grey Monday(Free n Dollarbie’s).

You would probabably be shocked knowing how much stuff Faith and I scour from SL and the Marketplace that actually gets trashed because it’s just PANTS and that’s what I spent this morning doing.  Hopping here going here there and everywhere just grabbing that clicking this and now my trash folder is full and my time wasted that is until I found these.


The 2 items you see come from 2 different shops but both of them offer you more than I’m showing you so even if you don’t like what you see you might be interested in the other items.

These lovely knickers, good old-fashioned word, are exactly as you see them, black lacy with that laced up texturing.  Of course you get the basic tattoo layer but on top of that you also get SLink, TMP, Omega and Maitreya Appliers which makes them pretty neat.  What I’m not showing you from Klepsydra is the cute little tiara and a simple mini mesh skirt.  The Tiara is Free but the panties and skirt are Dollarbies.

The top comes from Heartistic and is Mesh with a Hud.  The Hud only changes the colour of the ribbon but you have quite a variety of colour choices.  This is a really cute Group Gifts which is not only free to join but if you look on the wall under the Group Gift/joiner you will see another notice and if you slap that you get an instant 149Lds store credit which is monthly!   Pretty darn good.  I’m not really sure if I found much in this shop that came to that amount or less but when I go back to LM grab I’m going to check out the full price of this top and maybe treat myself to a different colour and of course I could wait till next month and come back and slap that Monthly Sub board and earn myself another 149lds worth of credit.


Obviously this skybox isn’t a freebie I just wanted to show you how I feel when I win a Rare LOL.


Klepsydra (Panties)