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Free roaming its the only way

Chicken coop NEW

Lunar Seasonal Designs has this brilliant chicken coop in this months round of Perfect Ten. Seriously if you like chicken – you’re gonna neeed this ! The coop comes empty, and undecorated – it’s up to you to use the menu, choose the colours, rez chickens , chicks and decor. So simple to do – its HILARIOUS when you ask it to rez the animals – they appear at the top of the coop and gliiiiide down ! Here’s the scoop:

“The menu lets you change the colour of the coop and pen from 46 colours each, change the yard textured from 7 textures add decorations from hay to holiday lights and of course add chickens!

You can only have 12 roaming fowl in the pen at one time. If you want more than that you will need to pick one up then rez it in the centre of the pen.”

Lunar Seasonal Designs

I put everything on my coop so you could see, you can even change the colour of the twinkly lights, and choose what colour the eggs the chickens lay are – don’t fret though – the eggs are temp rez and wont count towards your prims.

More info: “If you want the chickens to lay eggs pick the colour egg or mix you want then wait.  Only roaming chickens will lay eggs.  They will randomly lay them now and then.  Eggs are temp on rez, so will vanish after a bit and will not take prims.  If you wear the Egg Basket, you will be able to gather eggs. You get a Copy Basket for yourself and 1 giftable basket to give to a friend.”

Go and take a peek !

Perfect Ten


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