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Get Washed (so many Cheapoes for your toes!).

Quickest post ever as I really wanted to get a reminder out about The Wash.  I have to confess I only checked out half of it because quite frankly I was ending up spending too much money. This round there seems to be even more shop quality items and priced at 10Lds I simply went a bit crazy and so after I’d picked up about 6 pairs of SLink shoes and even some clothes I decided it was time to TP out of there.


I won’t tell you which stall these shoes came from because basically I want you to check all the stalls out.  The Wash is laid out in a simple square which means it’s easy to just stroll along and check out each stall but if you like either of these shoe’s and can’t find them then just drop me a note and I’ll let you know the exact stalls.


Just look at the quality but then again some of the best known shops now have stalls here such as Sn@tch, Lordes of London and now Nerdy Girl.

Not just clothes but plenty of home decor items as well.  Most things are ONLY 10Lds but occasionally there is a 50Ld item and again well worth the lindens but if you’re wanting to watch the spending you might want to make sure it’s a 10ld and not a 50ld item.

The Wash