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A day off@The Wash.

Sigh, in the UK it’s  a bank holiday which means it’s cool and dull in fact it’s like an Autumnal day rather than the beginning of Summer.  My OH has gone out for a run so I’ve snuck inworld to grab some warming piccies and tell you about this new goodie from Nerdy Girl.


Have to say that if Moira Serenity from Nerdy Girl hadn’t sent me these goodies the fact that there is a new round of The Wash on would have passed me by and I would have been annoyed.  Most items are still only 10Lds but sometimes when it’s a package then you can pay a few Lindens more and in this case for this SLink Physique & Omega Applier Bikini inc the matching SLink High shoes the 50Ld price tag is more than reasonable.


Obviously for the shoes you will need the SLink High feet but you do not need a mesh body for this bikini as it’s a system layer one and looks just as good with or without the mesh body and that top will make an esp good top on it’s own teamed up with shorts or under a shirt.


The rest of what I’m wearing are only 10Lds ie the bracelets, glasses and sorry what you can’t see is the nails which is as shame as I chose the red stripes out of the 4 options and you could actually see the pattern.

The Wash LM should take you right to her stall but I’ve also put the LM for her mainshop because it’s well worth a visit.  There is some cute sexy costumes as well as Summery clothes etc BUT again if you’ve not grabbed the Free GG yet then why not! a pair of SLink High shoes with a 4 colour Hud and now the previous Hunt items which I’ve blogged before are now available upstairs at a greatly reduced price (29lds I believe I TPed out and forgot it straight away LOL).

Nerdy Girl@The Wash

Nerdy Girl Mainshop

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The Red PlayRoom – calling all aspiring Mr Greys

Aphrodite - the red room

Oh yes, the red playroom, it’s very red and its extremely “playful”. Aphrodite have come up trumps with this beauty of a set. There’s SO much more to it than I’ve shown above, it’s quite bewildering to be honest. We adored the couch, animations are superb, there’s the horse and a bed to name but a few. The whole set is up on display on a sky platform above the Cosmopolitan event for you to try it, its in a private area which is lovely. What can I say about this? It took hoursss to test it out (seriously!) of course there are adult animations – LOTS – of them, covering every position known to mankind I feel. What captured my attention though, were the non sexual poses. Look above , isn’t that just glorious? It really captures something, a moment, some sexual tension for sure. There are quite a few like that and we loved them – they do set “an atmosphere”.


Aphrodite NEW!!

Player found the handsome dresser quite useful – its well stocked with equipment, paddles, peacock feathers, whips etc. Everything an aspiring Mr Grey could possibly want to use in the poses (plus more!) Fantastic wall hanging bits n bobs too, low prim also. Go take a look at the set up, its got a MASSIVE discount for the duration of the event and pieces are up for grabs as separates too.


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Beach Life and the long weekend

Let me see Dress NEW! Image essentials scarf prop

Yay its a long weekend ! Super sunny here but sadly I can’t get to the beach as my car is in for repair – boohoo . At least I can visit the dunes in SL though right? Here I am, wearing the newest release form ArisAris called “Let me look”. Sensational little sun-dress with a really low-cut back and all over embroidered pattern. Quite bold colours they really catch the eye.

ArisAris NEW!! Let me see dress & sandals

Also on offer are the matching  toe post sandals, they look to be made of wrapped ribbons and fabric, all sorts of colours entwined. (For SLink flat and Maitreya) My pose props are by Image Essentials, I’ve had quite the spend up there lately. This set is called “care free” and consists of scarf & flower poses with the props included.

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place

ArisAris Blog

Image essentials store

Image essentials market place

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Special moments <3

ChezMoi Beating Heart moments NEW

If you’re looking for something to entertain,amuse and relax you – take a gander at this new release from Chez Moi. The “Beating heart moment” is ready made to delight. Its got “awww” factor in spades, a mattress leaning against a beautiful red leafed tree, stacked with poses for single pringles and couples alike. The pillows have a choice of textures, there’s even bunches of tiny flowers sprouting up around the screen and tree. Here’s the spec:

♥ 24 individual poses (12 in each place)
♥ 24 animations for couples in love (48 poses)
♥ Prop tea, champagne, book, pad, popcorn and guitar.

♥ Menu controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP functionality

Put your favourite photos on the projector and remember special moments with your love.

The blanket and pillow has 3 combinations to choose from. Just click on the blanket to activate the menu.

Specifications and content:
♥ Tree: 20 LI | 13 Prims | Mesh
♥ Projector: 17 Prims | Sculpt

The scenario, as shown in the picture, has 37 LI | 30 Prims.

Chez Moi NEW!!

I set mine up in the lower garden, chose a restful pose and added a few photos to the viewer. Simple process (and I’m dead useless at stuff like that) then chose the speed at which I wanted the pics to be viewed at. There is even a sweet pose to pet the puppy ! The set isn’t hard linked – meaning there are pieces of it you can separate if you wish. Thanks Nanda ❤

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place

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Don’t Rush!

Actually DO RUSH! Right over to Apple May Designs because this stunning dress is only on special offer for the next 24 hours!


Called Bella t’s only the Gold colour which is on offer and tbh I rushed over and grabbed it and didn’t check out what price it will be going back up to as I really wanted to get this posted, now that I’m LM grabbing it turns out that full priced is 275lds so at only 50Lds for this version it’s a smashing bargain.  You get not only all the standard sizing but a skirt that will fit if you’re wearing heels or not AND a fitted version which is the one I’m wearing.  On top of all of that although it’s only the gold on offer you still get a Hud which allows you 6 colour choices for not only the rose but the underskirt.  I changed mine to this lovely pastel blue.  A brilliant dress at any price but even nicer for such a token one.

Apple May Design is a bright new shop and layout so if the second LM doesn’t take you near to the dress you want to go through the main door with the pink car parked outside and you will find this dress and all the other colour options if you feel like splashing out in the New section.

Apple May Design (AMD)

Apple May Design (Near to the dress I hope)

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Where’s my bubbles?

[DAMI] denim outfit & YS&YS Oxfords with HUD

I thought I was gonna blow some bubbles, when out popped butterflies ! Oh well it was a lovely day and sitting on the dunes was about as good as it gets. I had just been to The dressing room  and splurged £70L on a pair of Ys&Ys Oxford shoes, gawd I love’ em. I loved them sooo much I went to the mainstore and bought them in this scrummy summer white colour too. Great little things, dead cute and with a gazillion colour options for the sock and the option to not wear them at all, plusss variants on the shoe itself . My outfit is by [DAMI], after dropping a bomb in their gacha the other day I decided to investigate the mainstore and saw this, a few colour options, I went with this softer denim shade, the tee-shirt is HUD driven, see below.


Gives you a few more looks for your bucks. The natty thing is that you can actually wear the jacket and tee on its own as well as with the skirt. I like flexibility !

ys&ys Oxfords - TDRF 70L (PINK VERSION) White available in store

Here’s the YS&YS Oxfords , the pink “antique” version is whats at The Dressing room event for $70L, bet you cant resist.

YS&YS mainstore



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Lucky meeeee and a Freeebieeee.

First the “lucky me” because I have the NEW Mina hair and DAMN it it’s another brilliant one and it’s called Myrtle.


The front view is of a simple and lovely loose hair which frames the face so prettily but then check out the back.


ARGH! as someone who tries on a daily basis to make my hair do something other than just hang there I would KILL to be able to have my hair in this loose plait, worst of all it would actually suit me down to the ground.  So from the front a lovely face framing style and from the back intricate and imaginative.  Only available from the next round of Shiny Shabby so sadly not discounted but as I always say her prices are the same as everyone elses, including the horrid metallic shiny hair I was trying on yesterday in another shop LOL, so worth every Lindens.

A Freebie to make up for all of the shoes Faith has been tempting you with.


A simple, retro pair of pumps.  You will need SLink med feet or Maitreya feet for these.  They come from the Secret Store and are a lovely Free Group Gift.

And of course can I get into Shiny Shabby of course NOT because everyone is there but should you be lucky the LM should take you directly to Mina’s shop and of course you can also check out her mainshop.

Mina@Shiny Shabby

Mina Mainshop

The Secret Store