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Back with a bang (freebie n cheapie).

Got an amazing skin to show you but until then you will just have to feast your eyes on this brilliant Free Group Gift.


A delightful cottage painted table with a lace tablecloth and only 2 prims! I was going to move the table I already had out but then I thought that at such low primage I might just put this is another 2 places in my house, the laundry and a decking area.


This is a lovely room filling size but I did notice it comes with a resizer which I’m going to assume means you will be able to shrink it if you need to.


If you’re in need of a picture frame then snag the other Group Gift from Irrie’s Dollhouse.  As it happens I’m looking at it now and I’ve just realised that the childrens building blocks it seems to be made of would make it perfect for a childs room.  Yup I’m too lazy to put any pictures in but I’m going to assume it’s pretty easy to do.


I’ve just been checking out whats going to be available at the next round of The Arcade and I’m itching for it to start! so when I was at Irrie’s I had a go of one of her Gachas and won this retro side table/telephone seat for only 50lds.

I’ve blogged this shop before because there are some excellent retro style home wares and a childs high chair which is so cute I would buy it even though I have no SL children.  Some nice fresh and unique designs to be found here.

Irrie’s Dollhouse

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