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Lucky meeeee and a Freeebieeee.

First the “lucky me” because I have the NEW Mina hair and DAMN it it’s another brilliant one and it’s called Myrtle.


The front view is of a simple and lovely loose hair which frames the face so prettily but then check out the back.


ARGH! as someone who tries on a daily basis to make my hair do something other than just hang there I would KILL to be able to have my hair in this loose plait, worst of all it would actually suit me down to the ground.  So from the front a lovely face framing style and from the back intricate and imaginative.  Only available from the next round of Shiny Shabby so sadly not discounted but as I always say her prices are the same as everyone elses, including the horrid metallic shiny hair I was trying on yesterday in another shop LOL, so worth every Lindens.

A Freebie to make up for all of the shoes Faith has been tempting you with.


A simple, retro pair of pumps.  You will need SLink med feet or Maitreya feet for these.  They come from the Secret Store and are a lovely Free Group Gift.

And of course can I get into Shiny Shabby of course NOT because everyone is there but should you be lucky the LM should take you directly to Mina’s shop and of course you can also check out her mainshop.

Mina@Shiny Shabby

Mina Mainshop

The Secret Store