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Doo Wop (hunt)

FREE retro counter & wall art - FREE retro dress - FREE record player (animates and plays music) I’m so glad I couldn’t get to sleep, I was looking for something to dooo and found this hunt, it’s called The Doo Wops sock hops Hunt – yes, bit of a mouthful isn’t it?! Anyyywayy as soon as I checked out the hunt blog and saw that Finishing Touches had theeee most splendid hunt gift for it, I threw myself into action. Here’s a piece of information that you really don’t need – I have never, ever in my hunting history, found a hunt gift at Finishing Touches – IKR? The hint is always good , and off I plod full of hope, and I never find it ! Luckily this time, fate was on my side because I SO wanted this retro counter and wall art I could’ve screamed when I wasn’t seeing it. I wanted it NOW, not tomorrow with Zan aiding and abetting me – I’m impatient what can I say ! It was worth the two visits to find it, its damm brilliant. The stools have some lovely poses in (unisex) the wall art is fabulous. Red Pepper Designs made the twee little record player, it actually plays a song andddd animates you to dance some really neato 50’s style moves – only 2 prims yay! My mesh retro dress is by Get Frocked, its PINK – and I had to have it. Five standard meshy sizes, and it does fit over a slink physique body. FREE - Doo wops sock hops hunt Closer looky at the treats – erm what you waiting for?! Get going and grab those goodies. All the landmarks and hints are on the blog below, also some photos of prizes but not all. Doo Wops Sock Hops Hunt Blog

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