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Working Hard pt2

LOL I don’t think Faith spotted me but I spotted her.  I had dragged her over to check out my new landscaping find, the field of flowers, and of course as I’m snapping away she rezzed inworld in her last location so I thought I would just leave her in.


The reason I’ve done 2 posts is that the top and shorts are a hunt item from B!asta and I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.  Although I’d seen the hidden box on a previous visit I had ignored it as I thought it was a hunt for Textures and not actual clothing so when I spotted this gift in my notices I quickly TPed over and snagged it.  A simple country girl top and dark crushed velvet pants.  Easy peasy to find because when you rezz there are markings on the ground for you to follow.

The hair, Jacky is another Mina special from Kustom 9 and just like the Aranka hair in my previous post this one comes with a massive choice of colour packs.  There is a demo available for you to try but if Kustom 9 is still packed then pop into her mainshop and try the hair out there but if you want the more colourful shades you will just have to wait a little for Kustom 9 to calm down.

I was sent a lovely little gift from “Nerdy Girl’s” Moira Serenity a classic broken heart necklace and it’s a Gacha win for only 20Lds a try.  She’s one of these people who recognise that not everyone has Lindens spare so puts out regular Free GG’s and if you follow the link to my previous posts the excellent SLink shoes with a colour changing hud are still there waiting to be snagged.


Kustom 9

Nerdy Girl, Shoe Post.