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Unbelievable!(even MORE Free shoes).

So I logged into SL and had so few notes that once I’d sorted through them I sat my AV down in SL and in RL made a call to a dreaded Call Centre!  By the time I had spoken to 3 people and then hung up in disgust I realised that my AV looked exactly how I felt, DARK AND DANGEROUS!  Do you know whats worse than calling a Call Center?….probably working in one LOL and so I’ve taken a painkiller for my Migraine and counted my blessings.


Because Faith and I work in RL and do all those RL things which keep us busy it means that often when were showing off our latest finds we only talk about them and put the LMs for those items alone at the end of the post BUT  if you ever see us wearing anything you like, a skin or hair or an item of decor we’re using then please don’t hesitate to drop us an inworld NOTE (IM’s are capped all the time) or even use the messaging on this blog.  There is nothing nicer than being able to tell someone where to find something they really want.


So I’ve just included the top picture because that’s how I’m feeling at the moment when in fact the Freebie I want to show you is just the kick ass boots.  I popped back to my platform and quickly rezzed my handy photo cube and took a snap of these steely black wicked pair of strappy boots.  You will need both SLink High Feet and a Kick Ass Attitude to wear them.  Although these are from the Skull Design shop they’re an SL frees & offers Group.  Easy to find on the entrance table.

 Skull Design