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Walk with me, Freebie.

I was perusing the hunts and stumbled upon the Camping Trip Hunt which still has till the 15th to go.  I started working through the hint list but as soon as I spotted the Lindy Shoe hunt prize I dropped the lot and pulled a pose.

walk with me

I already had these walking shoes and they have proven to be excellent goto shoes.  When I’m mooching around SL I’m either wearing the last thing I blogged or I’ve changed into my goto shorts/jeans/jumper/shirt and these shoes.  I have blogged these shoes before but that was ooodles ago now and since they’re now in the Camping Hunt which means FREE it’s time to go grab.  OH and I almost forgot you don’t even need SLink Feet.  Actually although there are plenty of SLink shoes here this is a shop for those who don’t use them or with boots you usually don’t need SLink in anycase and whilst I was here grabbing the LM I picked up another Hunt item, this time it’s a Dollarbie and a lovely pair of non SLink Retro shoes.  Hints are available in the shop but tbh not really very hidden.

This is a BIG hunt a massive 70 shops are included and so I won’t be able to do many of them but at least there is a very handy hint page to help cut the time it will take you to do it.

Hunt Hints

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes