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Wait a mo!

I’m not even sure how Faith managed to get into the new FaMESHed event as it’s so packed but damn it I need to get back there for those goodies she’s managed to pick up.  However since this event goes on till the 27th there is plenty of time to indulge yourself, if you can wait that long.


This is the NEW Mina hair called Elvira which is only available at the FaMESHed event and in my daily note to Faith I described it as a “corker” which is an old English expression for something which is seriously good.

blondeA very natural and slight wind-swept look.


This ones for Faith, me looking Smug because she too LOVES Mina hair and I wouldn’t be surprised if next time I bump into her she’s got this one on lol.

Again you get as standard a “materials” and “no materials” version and different boobie sized versions and I’m wearing the normal sized one.  This hair isn’t at a discounted price but neither is it bumped up because it’s brand new so for a more than reasonably 250lds you get the Materials/Non Material version and of course natural and different boob sizes.