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All tied up

coldLogic new!!

Here are the newly released coldLogic dresses, you’re gonna love these too bits as they represent such a good deal ! Above is the “esper” dress, gorgeous muted floral print over a ribbed lightweight fabric. It also comes with a shirt that sits loosely around your hips. You don’t have to wear it but it fits so well, I’ve longed for a properly fitting hip-shirt for years !

coldLogic NEW  !

Anywayyy also part of the deal is the tank top, mmhmm you get it in the box along with the dress – fantastico . I’m wearing the tank with my “foss” coldLogic pants – gawd, I rarely take these babies off, so easy to mingle in with existing items in your SL wardrobe. I know I’m always banging on about versatility and buying things that you wont wear just once, seriously though…its worth getting these pieces as you will get soooo much wear out of them.

fatestep coldlogic_012


This is “aven” same design of dress as “esper” but plain with a very subtle stripe in the fabric and a slight sheen. I am wearing all the above with my Slink Physique body, using the physique fit from the box of the clothes I’m showing.  Other colours available in all pieces – see mainstore or market place for options & demos – thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

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Slouching about

coldLogic NEW - FATEstep nylon chucks

Super excited to share with you the latest release from coldLogic ! Here I am exploring the grid wearing the coldLogic “traux” pants in a happy berry tone and my FATEstep nylon chucks. I popped on the brand spankin new Ortiz shirt also from coldLogic – now the really dandy bit about this shirt is it comes with a sweater that’s tied loosely around your shoulders – casual and stylish ! Also you get a tucked in version which is fabulous value and adds even more versatility to this item. Lots of different colours so go check it out.

coldLogic NEW

This is the miles version of the new shirt, jolly plaid fabric, also a tucked version in the box plus that shoulder sweater to add. Im wearing all of the above over my Slink Physique body utilising the physique option in the box, perfect fit everytime! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

 FATEstep store

FATEstep market place

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Randomness (Freebie)

Can I just have a moan?  We “mad” cat ladies(and men)” don’t start off being mad they simply drive us MAD!  I have every blind pulled up in my home, both upstairs and downstairs in a 3 bed house so LOADS of window apart from the 1 small window which I have to pull the blind down because as I’m on the comp the sun shines right onto my face and of course THAT’S the window my cat desperately needs to look out of.  No matter what I throw at the little booger he still returns to rake and yowl at the blind, yes my cat is a Asshole!

Moaning over here’s a quick fun freebie.


I was going to park myself on Faiths beautifully manicured lawns and take a piccie but I decided to rezz it on my platform and have a little drive around.  I’m not a very good driver and just kept on getting myself stuck in the dome!  There is a menu with this so you can change the settings, lights on/off, gears, engine etc but sadly not a tab for a very bad driver.


I can’t remember what tab this one was but I think if I had actually been moving the billowing cloud would have been behind me.

Just a fun freebie from Knights Performance.

Knights Performance

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Sun Glow(Freebies).

Almost missed mentioning the Freebie bike you can grab if you join the Wayward Group.  It’s a prop only but has a great few poses in it and at only 6 prims so low you can “prop” it outside of your home as an item of decor.


I’m using one of the bike poses in this picture to show off a lovely summery free top/skirt combo.  The top and skirt come as separates which is always handy.  Actually if you don’t want to show off your tummy you also get a system layer t-shirt which can be worn underneath.  You will have to join the Free Nerdy Girl Group to grab this gift.   I’m in the shop now grabbing the LM and I’ve noticed she’s also doing the “Vintage” hunt, what you’re looking for is a little umbrella and an easy hint is given.  So I’ve grabbed that for a Dollar and I’ll be unpacking it soon.

I TPed from my Fav sim and then realised that this next Freebie is just as equally beach wear as the top outfit.

bike2Again a neat little romper, comes with straps and a little bow at the waist.  A simple and wearable freebie but for this one you will have to log into the marketplace.

If you’re unsure about what the SLmarketplace is it’s simply a way of shopping from SL items whilst you’re out of world in a safe way.  You have to log in with your SL name and password and anything you purchase is sent to you inworld and next time you log in you will find all your goodies in your “received folder”.  Ooodles of Freebies/Dollarbies and Promos.  Goes without saying that sometimes it’s pot luck as to how good or bad the item turns out to be but most of the items which do cost you Lindens do come with a Demo version so you can try before you buy.

I’ll put the Link to the Wayward Site for all the info on the hunt/prizes/piccies/LMs/hints and you can follow that to join the group for your free bike.

 Nerdy Girl

 SMC Romper, Marketplace

Wayward Hunt


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Tick Tock(and some Freebies).

The Tick Tock is because I have such limited time in SL and RL but I just had to show you my new goodies I’m taking an early lunch just to get this done and the it’s back to the grindstone.minaurb

OK first the non free, Mina Nakamura has been working overtime and has so many new hairs out and again nice to see that she’s given as much attention to mens/unisexed hairs so plenty of new hairs but as always as soon as I put this hair on it was WOW.  Now OK a hair with 2 simple plaits whats new? the fact that they’re not fat and bulky mean they have a much more realistic thickness to them and of course you get the boobies sizing.  Actually the boobie sizing (thats what I call it not mina LOL) is more than just to accommodate the different boob sizes in SL it’s also a really good feature for those items of clothing which because of their bulk means you cannot wear long hair because it disappears into the mesh.

Just like Faith I too struggled to get into the Shiny Shabby event, which is a reflection on how popular it has become.  Simply give it a little time to calm down because it certainly is well worth the visit and I know from the previous events there are Freebies to be had.

Speaking of which check out my new shoes.


As I was unpacking them I realised that the delivery packaging would actually make really good items of decor esp for you shoe whores. Can you imagine having a room in your home with nothing but clothes and shoes in it?  At 1 prim for each box you can have a few of these set out on a shelf and even better each shoe you see is a gift from Livalle but just for SLink Frees & offers group, the group joiner is right under the shoes.

OH and Livalle also has a Wayward Hunt item out somewhere and I can’t for the life of me remember if I found it or not because I have so many items from this hunt it’s probably there but if not I’m comming back to find that hunt item.

PS I believe 2 are SLink High and 1 is a SLink Med feet.  Sorry but it’s getting harder and harder to find non SLink, esp free, shoes so if you’ve not indulged then maybe it’s time.

 Livalle (formally L.Warwick

Mina@Shiny Shabby

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Windmills of my mind

CHEZ MOI Windmill NEW! Multi pose couples & singles

Chez Moi have a totally fantastic new item out in store for you ! I’ve never owned a windmill in Second Life so I was dead curious to give it a whirl. Its loaded up with poses for couples and singles, some with props that magically appear and ask permission to attach, no more fumbling about looking in your inventory yippeee.


Heres the view from the other side. The mill struts actually gently turn around, it’s very restful just to watch them – so would be a lovely addition as just landscaping for your home. However it is functional and here’s the low down:

Altogether there are 56 poses and place for 1-2 people:

♥ 20 individual poses (10 female poses, and 10 male poses)
♥ 18 animations for couples in love (18 x 2)
♥ Props: guitar, grape, wine, orange juice and love letter.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

Click on the lights to delete them or light them.

Specifications: 23 Prims | 36 LI | COPY

Textures and details in sculpted and mesh

Btw the cows are mine, I got them from Dysfunctional Designs a few weeks back, low prim one has animations for you to use/sit on, both versions have colour change for different breeds of cows – oh AND they moooooooooo!

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place

Dysfunctional designs


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Shiny Shabby

Scarlet Creative Chapel NEW

I’ve always always alwaysss wanted to buy an old church and renovate it in real life, so when I saw Scarlet Creative’s new build for Shiny Shabby I was pretty ecstatic.

Scarlet Creative Chapel NEW!!

Its called the “Neva Chapel” ,  includes 2 sizes, 107LI for small and 127LI for large. (21x22x17 footprint). I used the smaller scale for my photos and it seemed to be perfect and to scale for me.

Soooo from the outside its pretty churchified, one of those old type chapels, made of wood that I used to see in old Wild West movies. If you look up to the roof you can see the first clue its been converted, a lovely window gantry that would flood the interior with natural light.

Scarlet Creative NEW

Move inside and check out the stunning work on the windows, peeling paint on the frames and the odd loose wooden board on the walls all add to the atmosphere and charm. There is a narrow ladder leading up to what Id use as the bedroom – its been railed off with metal poles and guide poles – nice touch. All this for just $249L – deal !

I’ve just been over to Shiny Shabby (7.10am UK time) and its jam-packed and super hard to move around, might be worth leaving it a couple of days before you visit. I doggedly stood my ground to get a few items .

Shiny Shabby