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A Bit of This n That(inc Freebies).

I popped into 2 events one of which I was so early only half the Gachas had been set up but of course that didn’t stop me from checking it out and grabbing some freebies.  The second event is where I was tempted into paying FULL priced for an item of clothing and you lot know that in SL I’m one mean cheap Biatch so to make me part with my Lindens must mean I think it was worth it.  So a mixed bag of stuff post.

Yup you do feel as cheeky as these shorts look, that unbuckled and unzipped belt is so sexy but this pair comes with built-in knickers  so not that rude lol.  You buy the shorts in individual colours but I do believe that there is a fat pack option.  You do however get a Hud to change the colour of your undies if you wish and the pair I have set it to is a grey stripe.  I have a feeling that the Creators Collection Box Event is going to be fully packed today so I’m going to try to get over to give you the exact price but if I can’t get back in I’m pretty sure they cost me 149Lds.


The top I’m wearing is a Freebie from the “On Fleek” Gacha Event.  This is the one that I was at so early some of the people involved in this event were still setting up and that included the stand with the freebies on but luckily Ever Wonder had her’s out early and I thought it was perfect for these short.  A simple mesh top with a tie to the side, a lovely fit and of course free but if you’ve got some spare Lindens check out the Wildflower Low Tops which are the shoes she has in her Gacha.


Excellent fit and NON SLINK! even better is that there is a massive pallet of colours you can win from but there wasn’t a single colour I wouldn’t have been pleased with. This is the Chocolate pair and as you can see they have that wonderful raised flower stitching on top of them which is why they’re called Wildflower Low Tops lol.


Just love them, in all my SL years I only have 1 pair similar to these shoes and they cost me a bomb! but these ones are only 50Lds a try and they’re so much better than my old ones, but then again they are about 6 years old lol.  There is a table with more Freebies at On Fleek but again when I was there was only a couple of items out but I think it’s completely up and running and there should be more to get.

Now back to the Creators Collection Box for my last Freebie.  For some reason there seemed to be less gifts set out this round but I may have simply missed them, I did find some decor items and a couple of Gachas which made me spend some Lindens but even so finding these were the icing on the cake.


The plant/decor item is called Turishinobu and if you google image about a dozen in is this exact plant design.  Such a simple and yet beautiful way of showing off one of my fav plants.  I even have some ferns in my garden. Although this is a Freebie from [[RH]]Designs you will have to join the Free Creators Collection Box group to grab it.


You do actually get 2 of them a green and blue one which I think is the colour of the stone.  There are actually 2 of these to be picked up a blue one and green which I’m going to assume is the colour of the stone that hangs underneath.  All of that detail only comes to just a single prim!

I’m going to put the Link to Ouka Ugajin mainshop [[RH]]Design because not only is it on a small and cute shopping sim but there is some interesting furniture, decor items and builds but also some really good quality Group Gifts.

On Fleek (for the Free top and shoes)

Creators Collection Box (for the sexy shorts and lovely Free Fern Plants)

[[RH]]Designs Mainstore

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Colour me Spring

LUXEParis New outfit

Spring has sprung and I’m loving the new palette of colours everyone is using in their new releases. LUXE Paris has this to-die-for pair of leather pants out in a tone called “sorbet”, it made my mouth water just thinking about it !  Lots and lots of detailing over the pants they look so realistic.They come with a sweet lightweight sweater , in what looks like a fine Angora knit.

LUXEParis New outfit - David Heather bag

The surprise element is, when you turn around – the sweater has an open back – so sensual when you show off that curve of your spine no?  Ohh I noticed while I was over at the store that they have released some clothing for TMP body – if youve got one might be worth a peek. My bag was from this weeks Fifty Linden Friday and its by David Heather – there are some totally uber clothes in the store but so far I haven’t had much luck with the sizing. I’m fairly standard, but nothing seems to fit me – so for now I will content myself with the scrummy bags !

LUXE Paris

David Heather

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Pretty in Rose (10Ld).

The notice came out so I popped straight over to MUTE to grab not one but 2 new 10Ld outfits.

The first is this mesh dress called Freja.  A simple sweet, spring, summer, pretty little mesh dress.  You do have a choice of colours and I thought the rose was lovely and as it happens it also matches a pair of pink/rose-coloured boots I’ve previously bought from here so for another 10Lds worth checking out.

cross mute

Lots of lovely natural folds esp in the skirt, can I just say that the exaggerated fold under my boobs is because of my pose and not the outfit, I’ve only just noticed it.

The hair is a Mina’s called Joelle, a severely cut look, I love the fringe or as a lot of people call it the “bangs”.  I’m going to be showing you this hair again because I had really wanted to show you the grey option.  I had picked up a sexy sheer body stocking from Mute but I hadn’t read the details closely and this outfit is only for Appliers or I should say all the Appliers bar my SLink Physique one LOL, which is a shame as that sheer sexiness and the cropped Mina hair in the grey shades would have been stunning.  So I’m going to have a rummage in my invent and see if I can find a complete look to show you.

But of course you can go and try it for yourself.  At this moment the Joelle hair can only be found at The 100 Block Event but it’s worth a visit because ALL the hair packs are at a brill 50% discount.  It’s been running since the 9th so finally it should be reasonably quiet for you to be able to go check it out.

PS Remember from Mina’s mainshop you can TP to any of the events she is taking part of and of course she has a FREE hunt hair for all.  Since this is the Wayward hunt it’s a small brown parcel you’re looking for and if you want to check out the hair scroll back a few posts and you can see the hair and all the other Wayward hunt items I scored.

MUTE Discount skybox

Mina@The 100 Block

Mina Mainshop

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Perfect Ten – Lunar Seasonal Designs

Perfect Ten Lunar Seasonal Designs

You know how sometimes you come across a store where you just want EVERYTHING? Thats what happened when I went to Lunar Seasonal Designs ! Be warned, you will be tempted, you will find yourself oooo’ing & awwww’ing, and you will buy stuff for sure ! I bought a few items for my own SL home, I even found a hunt prize yay! There are the cutest animals, wandering hedgehogs, plants and an apple tree that does all kindsa things. Their offering for this round of Perfect Ten, is this water-pump flowerbed. Its pretty, its Low prim, and its a keeper for my garden but that’s not all – oh no. Get the menu up and you’re bombarded with choices, the tall flower, the small flowers, the grass, the pot, the soil even. If you can’t find a combo that you like Id be super surprised. It will fit quite literally anywhere.

Perfect Ten

Lunar Seasonal Designs

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Perfect Ten strikes again

Perfect ten_006!

A new round of Perfect Ten has opened its doors and I’ve got some fabulous items to share with you from it. Above is a wicker set from Mandalay Bay. The 70’s inspired peacock chair is stuffed with some lovely unisex poses, just right to lounge around in on a patio etc. The set comes with the little table, potted plant, rug and the stunning window/drapes and blind section.

Perfect Ten NEW

From HJM Designs there is a spring love seat on offer, heaps fo different colours available so youre bound to find one that fits in with your existing décor. You can change the texture of the wood and its got single pringle plus couple poses built right in.

Perfect Ten !!


Of course Michigan’s Shack has some naughtiness for us ! The Grenich daybed ooozes charm and comes in a multitude of differing wood and fabric tones. Low Li and material enabled so its looks absolutely delicious . Some amazing bargains to be had for the duration of the event – then everything is back up to full price – don’t miss out!

Perfect Ten

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Before I FLF (freebie).

I mentioned in my last post that Nerdy Girl was doing the The Vintage Hunt and I grabbed the hunt item as I was grabbing the Group Gift.  This morning I popped in on and since I knew I had just the hair, shoes, lipstick, eyeshadow and even nails to make this a complete retro look I decided to squeeze this in before I do the weekly FLF (Fifty Lindens Friday).


I’ll put the link to the post with the Free Group Gift outfit and I’ve found the site for the LMs of all the shops involved in The Vintage Hunt.

Nerdy Girl

Group Gift Post

The Vintage Hunt Blog

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Fancy winning a cool $25,000L ?

luxe competition

God I’m really slowing up lately, I had this notecard from LUXE Paris about  a competition they are running, and totally didn’t think about sharing it with you guys! (Thank you Mika for poking me <3) Its called the “Look of the year” and it’s really really simple to enter. I’m  going to copy the note here for you , as I really can’t make it any simpler if I tried – actually I would prolly confuse you !

WEAR a LUXE Paris outfit, style it, snap a picture, put your name in the title and send to LUXE ParisLookOfTheYear resident, inworld. You might be our ”Look of the Year” and win 25 000 $L!

**10 FINALISTS will be revealed at on July 1st and each of them will receive 10 LUXE Paris outfits!

**THE WINNER will be revealed on August 1st and get 25 000 $L and the title of LUXE Paris Look of the Year!

Maniera gown FREE

**ALL THE PARTICIPANTS that add the secret password, which can be found at (starting May 1st), after their name in the title of their entry, will automatically receive the LUXE Paris Maniera gown (Shown above)

**YOU CAN ENTER THE CONTEST AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH as long you wear a different outfit in each entry.

**DEADLINE to submit your picture: June 15th, 2015!

There you go, its easy peasy to enter, photos will be judged based on  style, elegance and originality – so get your creative juices flowing. Dont forget if you need a place to take photos we have a sim here Dreamworks and I found another sim yesterday that is super pretty, which if you join the group ($20L join fee) you can also rez at “Duet” – DON’T forget to clear up before leaving !

LUXEParis mainstore

Maniera SL Magazine (nothing there yet – wait till the 1st May or thereabouts)